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Well another Primary is over and we got about what we deserved once again, as the Money Dept. in the GOP keeps cranking out the Winner the Management has already Crowned.

The average American Voter is not and will not get a True Constitutional Conservative Candidate unless and until they decide to support them with more than a pat on the back and wish them luck.

I realize we all live in a financial world none of choose to live in, however if we don’t begin to support with $$$$$$$$$, Conservative Candidates so they can compete with the $$$$$$$$$ Machine of the Elite in the GOP then you might as well get ready for more of the same from both the Dems and GOP.

I’ve watched now for years as the Average Voter does no more than complain about the results, as we all know many Americans don’t even know who to Vote for, in fact many call the local offices of both Political Groups and ask who they should vote for rather than doing any research on their own.

We must begin by I don’t know giving those who run more support with either our $$$$$$$$$ or putting signs in yards and stickers on windows of cars to get the names out of the Candidates we believe in.

I’m running for office myself and listen to about every excuse alive for why they won’t put a sticker in a car window and also won’t even give a dollar for the cause.  I’m so happy that so many of these voters weren’t around during the Revolution or we’d still be part of England.

I realize this may seem harsh to some, however the Elite in Leadership count on the Voters to do nothing but put a Stamp of Approval on the Ones they choose to give us,  this has been the History with very few exceptions, if you think not just look around and ask yourself how’d we get in this Hole anyway, Oh I know I voted for the Ones the Leadership handed me and hoped for things to get Better with the Same Old Retreads.

If you had a bad meal at a Restaurant or bad experience with a Dr., Lawyer,Mechanic etc. you wouldn’t go back, however you keep Voting for the same old politicians who continue to Lie year after year when running and you accept this.

I keep hearing what do you expect of a Politician, how about the Truth for a Change or is it that this Country has become the same as its’ leadership a Group of Less than Moral People which deserve this type of Leadership we have, which will lead us all into nothing more than total Slavery.

I've also noticed all the signs and comments about anybody but Obama which only indicates just how bad things and choices have really gotten and that as a Nation even those who know better are now ready to settle once again so the Two Political Group/Franchises similar to other businesses have been able to limit the choices and we're accepting them, this is indeed a Low Moment in what use to be a Republic as President Reagan once said, Here We Go Again, this isn't a good sign, We need Real Candidates who believe in the Constitution or we're all Doomed.

I hope all who take the time to read this will begin to see that if you really want to Change this Nation back into a Republic governed by the Constitution, rather than by Liars we must begin to Change ourselves first and then take the Actions needed to Change Our Country.  God Bless You All;  Van

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Comment by Vans Crossroads on March 8, 2012 at 9:05am

I don't disagree with you, my question is when will those of you who see this begin to do something about it. God Bless You; Van 

Comment by wayne r bauer on March 8, 2012 at 9:02am

I'm certain it's frustrating for candidates who find it much easier with unlimited money, problem real voters and citizens are very limited, especially with this economy, and it's only getting worse. Another reach of government control. We need to get the money out of politics. current system is npthing but propaganda pusher justifying their picks of puppets. Government pays for pbs and npr, there should be ONE paid station that ALL candidates get equal time, but spreading over 2 years is complete absurdity. Citizens pay attention for no more than a week anyway. The rest is from the subliminal propaganda media and headlines. 80% of citizens have NO TRUE KNOWLEDGE of what a candidate stands for, they base their vote like it's american idol;. Then the next problem of the day if you think your VOTE means something, sorry, this primary is such an example of corrupt party leaders. Show me ONE honest vote or caucus anywhere. There's proof of fraud at EVERY contest. This primary is nothing but campaign fund raising for the republican SHOW.

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