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Take a few days to sulk and squabble -- but get ready for the Big One!

A lot of us AZ Conservatives are scratching our collective heads over the behavior of Messrs. Schweikert, Gosar, and Quayle in voting 'yes' on the latest CR. 

Wasn't the CR strategy supposed to be about a serious quid pro quo

Given the fiscal Armageddon we're facing, we all expected the House would use the short-term CR process to extract huge concessions on spending in response for must-have continued spending legislation.  Where's the quid?  A $6 B cut?  That's a day-and-a-half's worth of the debt we take on every day just to keep feeding that gluttonous leviathan in Washington. 

So far, the much-ballyhooed CR "cannon" turns out to be a piddly pea-shooter.  I hope the Left doesn't all lose respect for it, because we're going to need that cannon, full force next time, when that April budget comes out.

Paul Ryan and others have promised a real transformation with that April budget -- let's hope for the country's sake we get it.  And if it's there, let's be ready to rise as one in support.

We're progressing on a scary path now with eerie similarities to the path followed by Argentina in the last century.  The outcome is all but predetermined if we can't turn things around.

So --

Memo to Conservatives: Take a few days to sulk & squabble over our (allegedly) miscreant representatives.  Then in Sarah-Palin terms, reload.  And be ready to speak out as one loud voice.  The stakes couldn't be higher.


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Comment by David Underwood on March 18, 2011 at 10:51am
Yes I'm sulking, I surely hope Paul Ryan and his peers know what they're doing!

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