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Tea Partiers + NRA + GOTV with i360 phone banking = Trump Victory!

Okay, all. Here's something I've been working on that is still in Beta mode but I can now tell you about, and I also encourage you to tell every Trump supporter you know about it:

Wrap your head around this:

Tea Partiers partnering with the NRA's Super PAC to help GOTV using i360 in the battleground states by making GOTV phone calls to likely Trump "lower information, lower propensity" voters and/or by traveling to those states if need be to walk precincts door to door for literature drops.

Go here and sign up!

The link to NRA's i360 signup page is not there yet. They/us plan to roll it out with a big media push, but not until August 27. I tried today during a conf. call to get them to get out the word NOW -- why waste three weeks?

The goal is to get EVERY tea partier who is willing to spend a few hours of time, or more, to help "gently nudge" the "lower information, lower propensity" voters to actually go vote in the general election for Donald J. Trump.

For those of you who are members of tea parties, can you help spread the word to your members.

Can you tell me who else I should contact?

We also want to reach out to all NRA groups and other like-minded "gun" groups and other conservative groups.

Please let me know if you sign up. As I said, the site is in beta mode and will eventually have a direct link to the NRA's i360 signup page.



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