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Will be the headlines across the nation after Palin stumps for McCain in March and heads to Searchlight, Nevada on March 27th for the kickoff rally of the third Tea Party Express tour with a stop in Phoenix on the 28th.

McCain without even having to say it where he is the least favorite candidate of Tea Parties across Arizona, gets the endorsement of the Tea Parties in Arizona – at least that will the perception/projection. And when the Arizona Tea Parties refute after the fact we will look even more fractured to outsiders and more importantly to the residence of Arizona who we court to listen to us and join our effort.

Everyone is upset, sorry………….. disappointed and making excuses for “conservative” Palin coming to support “progressive” McCain the conservative poser!

Palin does owe McCain, but she also owes us, the conservatives she shares a common creed with where McCain does not. Palin’s stump for McCain will be a wanton and blatant violation against her stated values we so admire her for. She will render herself no better than McCain or any other progressive.

If we the Tea Party members and tea party like minded non-members across this state give Palin a pass when she is here campaigning for McCain, we are no better than McCain as we will have compromised our creed,………….. our core beliefs, aims and goals!

It would be a travesty for us not to protest her while she is here, but more so it would be a lost opportunity to show America ………….. lefties………….. righties…posers and progressives……… that the Tea Party Patriots mean what they say……………………………………… we will eat our own to save our country!

Arizona we need to make a stand, there are big implications with Palin following McCain as he jumps fences and bounces around the aisle of the Senate talking out both ends.

The Tea Party formed and said ‘stop it’ and now we are going to give Palin a pass? We are going to allow Palin to represent the Tea Parties across America by playing both sides. We need to stick to our principals and head this off………………….!

What do we stand for? Palin as well as the rest of America needs to be informed that in supporting McCain, ESPECIALLY in a primary, McCain does not represent the people. McCain is playing us at the expense of Palin and the Tea Party etc (few choice words).

Palin needs to know that she has a presence within a large majority of us and her betrayal of her core values for fear to betray one she thinks she owns a political favor to hurts us and in turn hurts her. We need to stop her from appearing to be a political prostitute.

Stay with me: marriage is defined as A MAN & WOMAN. A marriage can endure forever in the presence of dissimilar likes and hobbies but a marriage is destine for destruction when they have differing dislikes. Cindy McCain and daughter Megan are backing gay marriage, McCain giving his fence hoping and aisle crossing habits will not be far behind his wife and Palin is about to allowed herself to be prostituted out to support this conservative poser. What does Palin stand for? What does the Arizona Tea Parties stand for - politics as usual?

Regardless of who we support, Hayworth, Deakin, Simcox or McCain, it is not about the senate race – it’s about the will of the people, the resolve of the Tea Party minded where this one opportunity – Palin coming for McCain provides a vehicle to drive our message home – we don’t care who you are – stop it!

This is a chance for us The Tea Party to stand up and be true to our principals, that we want to bring back, to be true to our core values which McCain does not share anymore – lost long ago on his merry way.

Politicians need to be shown that we hold ALL of them to the same standard. Don’t give me the line that Palin has no choice but to pay McCain back……………….. McCain introduced Palin onto the national scene……… this primary is not the national scene, SHE NEEDS TO LISTEN to the true conservative people of Arizona and pull her support for this pompous progressive.

Palin coming here for the primary to support a candidate that believes in gun control and open borders with a family that are campaigning for gay marriage is a contradiction of her beliefs. If she is willing to compromise herself now, she is damaged goods and anyone who doesn’t agree, IN MY OPINION are not patriots.

Tea Party Groups across Arizona that are concerned for our Sarah at the hands of McCain need to help her make the right decision again and tell McCain NO. I strongly suggest we do something at each local level, make it official………………….. post it as an event…………………. call it TOUGH LOVE: we love you Sarah but we are having a BOOK BURNING EVENT and it’s your book. Sarah, your book sales in Arizona just spiked - people in Arizona are buying your book so they can participate in burning it.

Sarah, let Arizona decide the primary, if McCain wins come support him in the general. Your support of McCain in the primary is intrusive and counters the climate in Arizona.

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Comment by Dan Conyers on February 11, 2010 at 10:41pm
Deakin has sworn to be true to all of our principles, I don't know why anyone would have a problem trusting him. No one else has sworn to represent us, the Arizona Tea Party. Doesn't that say enough?? He has not been infected with the political diseases that come from the rich lobbyists and corporations. McCain had his chance, hayworth had his chance, now it's time for Deakin. If he fails, we get another one, but I know in my heart that Deakin will do his best if we support him.
Comment by Noreen Hart Kealer on February 5, 2010 at 12:32pm
We need to make our stance now! Don't wait until a month from now when the Tea Party Express is already here - let the Palin group, Tea Party Express folks and the media know our position NOW before the manipulates the movement further
Comment by Susan on February 5, 2010 at 9:18am
McCain can be wishy-washy on issues, but he knows defense! When JD Hayworth was in office he was in your face arrogant, and SPENT THE BUCKS---he was part of the 'pork barrell' back then. I am in a dilemma over the candidates! Who can you trust???? I want the spending, the massive pork designations, and the entitlements to stop! I do not know enough facts about those who are running to make an educated decision!
Comment by Noreen Hart Kealer on February 5, 2010 at 8:11am
I do love Sarah BUT I have to agree with this post.

We've seen it locally first hand; the good-old-boys club trying to "claim" thier candidates are "tea party candidates", infiltrating and using the tea parties as another signature gathering/campaign venue without actually participating, protesting or otherwise rallying with the movement. It sickens me that the McCain political machine thinks the tea party will "roll over" for him. Just forget it buddy!

We may need to develop a strategy for this: email Sarah Palin, post our voices on her FB page, twitter about it, rally against it, some TV & Radio commercials wouldn't hurt either. We're going to have to get some funding through tea parties nationwide if we have to. Advertise on the ning site nationwide for folks to rally and help!

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