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Will be the headlines across the nation after Palin stumps for McCain in March and heads to Searchlight, Nevada on March 27th for the kickoff rally of the third Tea Party Express tour with a stop in Phoenix on the 28th. (Such a headline would clearly be a falsehood)

As everyone knows in Arizona McCain is done – doesn’t matter how much money he has or who he gets to come say nice things about him, he is what he is……………….. a progressive RINO……………………. a turncoat.

My concern and objection to Palin coming in March is the implications it may well have for Tea Party where Palin needs to walk her talk and walk away from McCain. She said she stands for principals – well if she comes to support McCain, is she conveying hers?

I like Palin a lot, she is a firebrand I admire and identify with where she and McCain differ immensely but will become one in the same if she comes to stump for McCain (in the primary). She owns McCain nothing and herself everything including the freedom to listen to the voices of reason from within Arizona who I hope are beseeching her to reconsider visiting Arizona during the primary……………..

STAY OUT OF OUR “LOCAL” BUSINESS, we here in Arizona know McCain best and we want him gone - we know better than anyone – McCain is a classic DON’T LOOK AT WHAT I DO LISTEN TO WHAT I SAY…………. clearly obama took notes on McRINO, is this what Palin stands for?

Why would McCain ask Palin to spend her political capital on a primary race? Palin is a big gun - the ‘current’ leading contender for president in 2012. Palin’s stumping for candidates should be focused on general elections, elections that have national focus, not on primaries that are local issues, STAY OUT OF OUR “LOCAL” BUSINESS”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Palin can come if she wants it will not help McCain and only hurt her. Again, my concern is Palin is courting and promoting the Tea Parties where she clearly is out of touch with the Tea Parties across Arizona and I for one am sick and tired of being misrepresented. She needs to follow Bachmann and Blackburn’ lead and muster the guts to say no to something that counters her person.

McCain was booed at the 1/23/10 Arizona State GOP PC Mandatory meeting and people chanted “JD” when McCain was announced to address the body. McCain got a whopping 2 signatures on his petition to place his name on the primary ballot while attending the 1/16/10 Pinal County GOP PC Mandatory meeting.

Out of four candidates running for the GOP senate seat, J. McCain, J. Hayworth, J. Deakin and C. Simcox only JIM DEAKIN has obtained enough signatures to qualify for a place on the GOP primary ballot and this is the one person that McCain, Hayworth and the news media are ignoring. Deakin had those signatures months ago as a true grassroots contender spent time meeting the people. He has been everywhere and has turned no one down.

So who said they wanted to support and attend a “TOUGH LOVE” rally to participate in a book burning of GOING ROUGH? Let’s give the nation another example of ‘GOING ROUGH’! Anyone out there with a signed book they want to burn, what to be on national media explaining why you (we) love our Sarah but it’s a tough love decision? Or are we in Arizona going to be part of the problem by giving Palin a pass to trample on our professed creed?

Like I said in the first blog “If we the Tea Party members and tea party like minded non-members across this state give Palin a pass when she is here campaigning for McCain, we are no better than McCain as we will have compromised our creed,………….. our core beliefs, aims and goals!”

I’m going to start posting this blog (vine) on TP sites across the nation, I could use some help. If someone wants to organize a local TOUGH LOVE book burning event I will support and promote it 100%, I’ll buy a copy of her book for all seven members of my family to add to the fire – that would be worth the cover price (X 7) to me.

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Comment by Timothy Morrow on February 6, 2010 at 8:23pm
You'll get no argument from me on that front, Pat.
Comment by Timothy Morrow on February 6, 2010 at 7:15pm
Karen, I think you're making a mistake in that regard.

Politically she's probably making the best move. If she went against McCain, the media would just love to pounce on it and try to use it to hurt the movement and the GOP's chances in November. With her supporting him, she gives the media less opportunity to attack her.

She also probably does feel a bit of obligation toward McCain--but look at it this way. Were it not for his picking her as his VP candidate, would most of us have ever heard of her?

We might very well have to deal with McCain for another six years, especially with JD coming in and dividing the opposition vote. He gets back into office after a close race feeling beholden to PALIN for her support, this could mean good things.

But that's just my thought on this matter.
Comment by Karen Szatkowski on February 6, 2010 at 12:08pm
Sarah has a good heart and I think she felt obligated to McCain. I heard him praise her not too long before she decided to support him. Personally, I believe he's using her and that he's now "trying" to ride on her popluar coattails thinking he will be a sure win if he does. It's sad that it won't work. Even if she does run in 2012 she's lost my support. She did more harm than she knows. She had a very good start but supporting McCain was a huge misstep for her!

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