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I was real encouraged listening/watching FOX news coverage of the NTP (National Tea Party Convention) all day Saturday while working in the garage. Carl Cameron was great, by mid day he got to the bottom of what the Tea Party movement is about and articulated a true description of the current state of the Tea Party movement and its concerns: fiscal responsibility, adherence to the constitution, less government.

Cameron made it crystal clear by late afternoon that in no way was the NTP representative of the Tea Party movement as a whole – “there are Tea Party Conventions going on everywhere… this is just one of many he stated very clearly and several times. It was interesting watching his perception of the Tea Party solidify.

Then came Palin’s speech…………. People, I still don’t see presidential, it’s not there.

Myself, I’m not about to do an obama flop because it feels sooooooooo darn good to hear Palin.

Yes she is an exemplary example of our values but obama is an exemplary example (actually exceeds) of his followers values as well, good intentions doesn’t equate to sound understanding or performance.

Palin said ‘I’m a big supporter of this movement, I believe in the movement, I look forward to attending more Tea Party events’ ……………………herrrrrrrre she commms - PALIN!

SUNSHINE, what a wonderful disinfectant………….. Tennessee has “Southern Sweet Tea’…………. Alaska has ‘Ice Tea’………….. here in Arizona we have SUN TEA – much better than Kool-Aid ………………… sanitized by the sun - have some ‘Sun Tea’ Palin.

PALIN…………… honoring John McCain is one thing, supporting him in the primary is another!

We in Arizona honor McCain as well but we are done with his bait and switch habits of vacillating to a conservative position when he clearly is a progressive that doesn’t listen to his constituents.

Palin you owe the future – not McCain - - - - - - - STAY OUT OF OUR BUSINESS! Let the people of Arizona decide. If we decide McCain is our selection to run in the general – come support him then but for now – leave us alone – BUTT OUT.

Your supporting McCain is also an affront to the majority of Tea Parties in Arizona where you have a reasonable following, who you state you support, believe in and have expressed a desire to interface with. Do your research, Arizona doesn’t want McCain, the Arizona Republican Party in Arizona doesn’t want McCain.

STAY OUT OF OUR BUSINESS. In fact it would be wise for you to avoid campaigning in any primary across the United States of America……………… campaigning in primaries only divides people that share similar values. Use your political capital to support candidates in general elections after “WE THE PEOPLE” have made our local choices – trust us, we know best what is good in this neck of the woods.

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Comment by dan piper on February 8, 2010 at 12:33pm
Excellent advise
Comment by Timothy Morrow on February 8, 2010 at 12:34am
Palin is a pragmatist. Idealism is all well and good, but every now and then you have to face facts. She's behind McCain because it's the smart decision to make--anything else and the media will pounce. You dance with the one that brung ya, as they say, and were it not for McCain, would most of us have ever heard of her?
Also, seriously, man, simmer down.

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