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Tea Party Protests getting shaky to violence!

It's clear that Union Thugs or other extreme groups are beginning to push harder to create violence, appearing to come from Tea Party Patriots. It's not hard to predict, the pushing and shoving is only going to increase as tensions mount.

We must stand firm. We cannot allow them to get what they want.....violence.

The human side of us all is to confront our enemies, especially when we are face to face with them. Taking the higher road commands great personal restraint, as tensions rise, when shouts of degrading remarks are dominating our constant attention.

Last night I had a dream and I want to share it with Tea Partiers who organize and attend protests around our great nation.

Tea Party Protesters changed their stance to prevent extreme groups to jump in and create violence.

I visioned Tea Party Protesters formed a circle, holding a rope or something that represents a "Ring of Fire" with their backs turned inward toward the center of the circle.

The American Flag and Signs was mounted alongside Patriots who would be singing Patriot songs like "God Bless America" to create a sense of American Pride with a positive message which drowns out the negative chants of extremists.

With our attention towards the center of our "Ring of Fire" it would frustrate the Union Thugs and extremist groups who are there just to stir violence. Their chants would become meaningless, since it can't be heard over our singing, as our backs are turned toward each other and not on them. In essense, they are ignored like a meaningless pain in the backsides, as they deserve. With a tight circle formed, they also could not slide in amongst us, start trouble and run out as an attempt to blame the violence was started from the Tea Partiers.

I also envisioned Tea Party Protest gathering anywhere and everywhere there is a pressing need for our Government to work for the people. For example: Domestic Oil Drilling in the Gulf and Alaska. Protest formed in Louisiana and Alaska.

With a little additional thought, we can become creative in how we present ourselves in Protest while similtaneously deter their attempts, send a positive message to others and squash their attempts to stir violence.

I'm interested to hear what you think.


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Comment by David Underwood on March 2, 2011 at 12:00am

My 2 cents: I was at a rally at the capitol this past July. Of course it was hot and our numbers were not what they could have been with cooler weather...anyways a small group of protesters began to heckle our rally from across the street. A couple of folks from our rally were drawn to the protesters and began to yell across to the people who were trying to disrupt our rally...just my opinion but if I'm at a Tea Party rally, I'm there to participate in our rally not to get into a yelling match with the crowd...Anyways myself and a few other folks simply turned our backs on the counter protesters and held our various flags up high and well, I think we did our part in forming a "wall of flags" between the TP folks and those protesters. The protesters soon moved on.


Oh and always bring a camera or even better bring a video device 


Just my opinions

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