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Many have expressed confusion regarding HB2177, and the comments Jan Brewer has made regarding the bill requiring Presidential candidates to show their Baptismal and circumcision records.  What the Governor has done is a great disservice to this bill by communicating false information about what it requires.  


Originally, the language was set up to require the Presidential candidate to establish his/her eligibility as a natural born citizen, requiring that they submit a long form birth certificate and documentation regarding the citizenship of their parents.  It did not require that the parents were American citizens, it just asked for documentation regarding their citizenship.  This would have been used to help  determine the natural born status of the candidate.


The bill died in committee in the Senate.  However, we refused to let that happen and asked what could be done.  We were told that the bill could be revived by finding another bill and striking the language and inserting the eligibility language.  I approached Rep. Carl Seel, who agreed to give one of his less important bills for the cause.  Rep. Judy Burgess and Jeff Lichter, reworked the language and reintroduced it into the striker bill. 


However, when back in Senate committee, Sen. Frank Antenori and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema had a real problem with requiring documentation of the parents, and the idea that someone may not have a long-form birth certificate, and required that alternative documentation would be acceptable.  Sen. Antenori asked that the two-parent provision be removed and offered an amendment that allowed the candidate to submit the same documents that one would submit if seeking a top secret clearance with the Department of Defense without a long form birth certificate.  (You must be a natural born citizen to get top secret clearance)  We agreed to this, because we figured if you cannot get top secret clearance, then you should not be our President, no?


What are the alternate documents that can be used without the birth certificate to get top secret clearance?  Here is the amendment:


The Antenori floor amendment to the Government Reform Committee amendment inserts language regarding a presidential candidate who does not possess a long form birth certificate. A candidate would be able to include two or more of the following:


a)     baptismal or circumcision certificate

b)     hospital birth record

c)      postpartum medical record

d)     early census record.


Additionally, a candidate would also be able to submit a notarized affidavit from two or more persons who witnessed the candidates birth.


As you can see, it does not "require" the candidate to submit the circumcision record, it merely offers it as one of the alternatives to establishing natural born citizenship.  Although we did not want this amendment, we agreed to it in order to get the bill out of committee.


At that point, we decided to contact Donald Trump to ask for a meeting to discuss his support of this bill.  He invited us to a meeting in his Manhattan office two days later, so myself, Jeff Lichter (Surprise Tea Party) and Rep. Carl Seel headed out to meet him.  He had high remarks about the proposed legislation, and gave his complete support.



However, despite the 1397 phone calls in favor of HB2177 vs. 1229 opposed phone calls that Gov. Brewer received, as you know, she vetoed the bill.


 What the Governor also said that was inaccurate was that this bill gave sole authority to one person to determine if they should be on the ballot.  This is also a grave misrepresentation, because if the SOS should fail to properly execute this responsibility, we the people would "have standing" to bring a lawsuit against the SOS to make sure that proper vetting did occur.

An alternative to this would be for the SOS to form a committee, should a presidential candidate present with no long-form birth certificate, to determine the eligibility of the candidate. The Governor could then be an ex-officio member of that committee for oversight.


This issue is not dead and we will be working to find a suitable solution to the Governor's concerns.  Patriots never give up, never roll over and concede on an issue so important as this.  Stay tunned, we will let you know how this develops.

Kelly Townsend

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Comment by Kelly Townsend on April 26, 2011 at 10:38pm
Like I said, we didn't like the amendment but accepted it to get it out of committee.
Comment by Jerry A. Stein(AKA VNVet52) on April 26, 2011 at 10:28pm

Circumcision and Baptism can happen in a far removed country than a birth.

Hungry4food can you stay on subject? Why not start your own blog post?

Comment by Kelly Townsend on April 26, 2011 at 8:04pm

There will undoubtedly be a special session soon called by the Governor to take care of her personnel bill.  The question is will she provide for other business or keep it short enough to prevent it.

The legislators are afraid of an override because she still has a long way to go here in AZ and she has promised to veto every bill of the legislator who votes to override.  We want our legislators to stand firm regardless, and do the right thing.  I know that there are some willing to put their necks on the line, most actually.  But if they lose even one vote, it will not be successful and then they suffer at her hand from that point forward.  It is quite a gamble and Rep. Ted Vogt has already said he will vote no on an override.  Perhaps you might ask him to reconsider?  602.926-3235 is his office number.  :)

Comment by Moxie on April 26, 2011 at 6:22pm


Thanks for the update. It is perplexing to me how the Governor and the legislators have slacked on their word to us to follow through on their promises to fight for our state and our country. Brewer has taken the low road and finds nothing wrong with spreading misinformation in order to detract from the truth, and the legislator's that refuse to pass the "anchor baby" bill using the excuse that Arizona needs a break from controversial issues. Something is amiss.

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