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The Constitution vs. Obama

Will leading U.S. institutions finally move to prevent President Barack Obama from continuing to rip up the U.S. Constitution, and to lead the U.S. into dictatorship and war?  This is a question of the most vital interest to all nations, not just Americans, and it’s immediately on the agenda now.

Over the last two weeks, there have been some significant indications that such action against Obama is underway.
First, there was the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, which ruled Jan. 25 that President Obama had violated the U.S. Constitution in a manner that would “eviscerate” the separation of powers. If this ruling is not overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court, it has the potential to lead to the impeachment of a President who has increasingly asserted Hitler-like powers, at the expense of, particularly, the Legislative branch of government.
Closely related to this ruling is the issue of Obama’s unconstitutional assertion of his right to go to war without Congressional approval, an action he took in Libya, with ongoing devastating results, is now beginning in Mali, and is threatening to take in Syria. While the courts refused to rule on a Congressional legal challenge to that violation of law, the issue is alive and well, as shown by the introduction of HCR 3 by Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.) early in this Congressional session. Jones is actively campaigning for HCR 3, which declares that any Presidential initiation of military action (short of actual self-defense) taken without Congressional approval, constitutes an immediate impeachable offense.
The most recent blow against the Obama juggernaut is the set of concerted actions challenging his drone warfare policy. Internationally, the United Nations Human Rights Council is scrutinizing the policy, questioning whether it does not indeed represent a violation of international law. Nationally, Obama is finally being challenged on his assertion of the right to kill even American citizens, without any due process of law, through drone strikes anywhere in the world.
On Feb. 4, eleven U.S. Senators, eight of them Democrats, issued a letter demanding that the White House release secret memos justifying its policy of killing Americans in the name of fighting terrorism. While maintaining an appearance of decorum, the Senators issued a not-so-veiled threat that, if the White House refuses to release the Justice Department Office of Legal Counsel’s memo on this subject, the Senators will block the confirmation of two of the President’s Cabinet appointees, John Brennan as CIA Director (one of Obama’s closest cronies in deciding who should be killed), and Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel. Brennan’s hearing is scheduled for Feb. 7.
Then, on Feb. 5, NBC News dropped a bombshell, by publishing a White House memo, unclassified, but hitherto secret, which justified its kill policy. The 16-page memo, allegedly produced to try to satisfy requests from Senators last Summer, has made it abundantly clear that the rationale for the “kills” is nothing other than Presidential power, unchecked by any legal process, judicial review, or Congressional oversight.
Many Americans, including top leaders, have known for years what Lyndon LaRouche had the temerity to publicly assert: that Obama is a wouldbe Nero, prepared to impose a Hitler-like dictatorship at home and abroad. So far, party politics and cowardice have prevented effective action to remove him from power.
Is this now, at the 11th hour, about to change? We must make sure it does.

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