The Man Made Global Warning Scam
Here is some information that I feel should be critically relevant to the whole dammed discussion on “Global Warming” and “Climate Change.” I have never heard anyone seriously discuss the below information, I don’t know why. We are currently bombarded with endless hysterical entreaties from frenzied Democrat/Socialist politicians that due to “Man Made Climate Change” our world will be finished in just a few years.
It has gotten so bad that loony Democrat Congress women, Ocasio- Cortez plus all 20 of the Democrats who are screaming they want to be our next president, actually buy into the insanity that our world is going to end in about 12 years because of man-made climate change. So let’s take a look at the following information for a different outlook
How many “Ice Ages” has our planet been involved in with the climate changing, cooling and warming, during the many, many millennia since time began? Ice Ages are really times when the planet’s glacial activity becomes enormous but why that takes place we currently have no answers for.
According to our Planets historians, our planet is about 4.5 billion years old. Here is some historical information on some of the ice ages the planet has had that came and went.
Starting time of Major Ice Ages Geologic Period
All of the numbered era’s below are designated in “MYA” = millions of years ago.
1. 1,700 to 2,300 (MYA) The middle of the Huronian Era in Precambrian
2. 620 (MYA) The end of the Proterozoic Era in Precambrian time
3. 420 (MYA) The middle of the Paleozoic Era between the Ordovician era and the Silurian periods.
4. 290 (MYA) The late Caboniferous and early Permian periods, e late in the Paleozoic period.
5. 1.7 (MYA) Pleistocene Epoch of the Quatemary period zoic e (Cenozoic era)
Like most of you, I don’t have the slightest idea of what all of those time periods represent, but the scholars who wrote the information did, so let’s move on.
Items 1-5, represent over 3,000 million years of our planets history. “Man-Made Global Warming” “ Climate Change” could not have been responsible for any of those Ice ages forming or retreating, the planet warming up, then cooling down during those time periods because, well folks, there weren’t any homo sapiens on the planet during those eras. Our planet cooled down, warmed up and then cooled down once more without any help from an absent mankind. Think about it.
Gee I thought about it and well you know what; ice ages came and went without the connivance of irresponsible, dirty human, money grubbing capitalists, causing them to begin and end. Damm that must confuse the left, they cannot blame anyone on the political right for all of those monumental conditions taking place on our planet. Look no one is saying that the planets climate doesn’t change; the above information demonstrates that it does and always has. But the above proves that the changes to our planets climate that have occurred and continue to occur have little or nothing to do with what mankind does or does not do on this planet.
Now why those ice ages started and ended NOBODY KNOWS. That’s right, there is currently no certain knowledge that any pointy headed scientist, that “money grubbing genius Al Gore” or anyone else can state with any specificity, why ice ages start and finish. Let’s repeat that, no one in our world at this time can tell us why Ice ages formed and retreated.
Of course climate scientists, weather scientists, geologists, etc. can tell us what happens during an ice age and what happens after an ice age, but none of them, at this time, knows what causes an ice age to begin or end; maybe that knowledge is reserved only for astrologers or prodigies like Stephen Colbert.
The last serious Ice age occurred some 18,000 years ago and buried over 30% of the world’s northern land surface under thick ice and snow. During that ice age, North America was covered by glaciers which alternately advanced and receded, cooled down and warmed up with variations as the climate changed. Our present day Great Lakes are the result of glaciers advancing and retreating over thousands of years, there were no men on the planet that were causing any emissions of any kind when the Great Lakes were formed and yet the glaciers that formed them continued to advance because of cooling temperatures and retreat because of warming temperatures. Those Great Lakes are now the largest inland seas in the world. Why do we not see people using common sense when talking about global warming, climate change? We don’t because the majority of those who vehemently propagandize man made climate change have a financial interest in brain washing people about it.

Once more when that ice age ended; our planet warmed back up (global warming/climate change) although there were men and women on the earth at that time, humans have been on this planet for about 200,000 years, but guess what, there was “NO CAPITALISTS INDUSTRIES” producing green- house gasses and obviously our planet warmed back up anyway, amazing. Oh by the way, none of the people on earth at that time marched and chanted about “Global Warming or Climate Change” ruining our planet, I guess that was because there were no Democrat/Socialist, Soros funded idiots around then
Here is a different opinion that might exhume the Democrats interest. A recent study by researchers at Great Britain’s Northumbria University say that competing physical cycles within our sun will cancel each other out in a solar cycle, resulting in a “mini ice age” like the one that gripped the Northern Hemisphere from 1645 to 1715.
So sometime in about 2030 to 2040, according to those researchers, maybe we are in for severe “Global Cooling” and not “Global Warming.” If that occurs, how many apologies from the political left, the media left, the entertainment left etc. for being arrogant liars, ignorant know it all’s, stupid and just plain and wrong will we hear……….I think the silence will only be interrupted by the crickets.
The study continues, “We predict that this will lead to the properties of a “Maunder Minimum.” The Maunder minimum is the 70 year period from 1645 to 1715 when North America and Great Britain experienced very cold winters bringing lower temperatures, heavy snow fall and acute freezing with minimal sunspot activity.
In England during this “Little Ice Age,” wrote the Daily Telegraph’s Dan Hyde,” the River Thames froze during the winter of 1683-84 for seven weeks and was impassable to river traffic for those seven weeks according to historical records.” That must have caused problems since in those days the River Thames was one of the busiest transportation routes in England.
Once more, in the 15th and 16th century’s there was no capitalist industry’s smoke stacks around, no greenhouse gasses, of course the cows were farting, and yet that “mini ice age” came and went. Kinda makes one think doesn’t it, well that is unless you are anyone at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, or anyone who is affiliated with the Democrat/ Socialist Party, the Sierra Club, most of Hollywood and on and on. Those folks already know everything so they don’t have to think anymore; which brings us to the claim that is constantly broadcast, 99% of all the climate scientists in the world support the man-made global -warming, climate change theory. Well let’s take a look at that claim.
1. There are a large percentage of acclaimed climate scientists who do not support man-made global warming.
2. Many of the climate scientists who do support the man-made theory are receiving large grants of hundreds of thousands of dollars from governments and groups who support the man-made global warning scam, which they would not receive if they were not supporting that theory.
3. Many of the climate scientists supporting man-made global warming exist in Universities where if they were not supporting that theory they would be drummed out of the Universities and lose that lucrative employment.
The above is never told by our corrupt media because it would challenge the claim that man-made global warming is “settled science” and cannot be disputed.
And then we come to the infamous “Paris Climate Agreement (scam).” That whole political delusion was just an under the table Marxists, Soros based world-wide financial redistribution scheme. India would only agree to the Paris Agreement if it would receive multi-billions of dollars in foreign aid for years. Just who do we think those billions of dollars would be coming from, Latvia, Mexico, Belgium, give me a break, most of those billions would have had to come from the good ole USA. Under the Paris Agreement, China would have had little or no penalties for their emissions for the next thirteen years! During those years they would be operating coal mines, putting Chinese people to work while under the Paris Agreement we would have had to close our coal mines putting thousands of Americans out of work. Those are just two of the reasons we should have nothing to do with burdening our country with this money for nothing scam. President Trump laid out many outstanding reasons why the U.S. could not continue to be in the Pairs Climate Agreement, just read a copy of his speech.
Which country was set up by President Obama to be the primary funder for that Paris Climates scheme? Wait for the drum roll, that’s right, the United States of America. But Obama knew very well he couldn’t make it a treaty because the United States Senate would have told him that treaty was dead on arrival (DOA).
As President Trump told us, all of the economic disruption, lost jobs, GDP loss and political chaos that would have taken place in our country under the Paris Agreement, if fully implemented by all the countries signing it, (that would never have happened because most of them would have cheated) would have produced only a change of 2 tenths of 1 degree Celsius of global warming by the year 2100, and yes despite all the left wing challenges to that fact, if all of the studies are looked at, that small change in global warming temperature is pretty accurate.
In the next 81 years do we actually think that new technology will not be produced that will affect our world in amazingly in positive ways, ways we cannot even understand at this time and those technology’s will be much more capable of positive change than a dammed treaty that is set up to do nothing of value for conditions that are not actually relevant; an international agreement causing Western nations dearly but that only produce a 2 tents of 1 degree change in the next 81 years? What the hell is going on?
Well like most things not easily understandable, just follow the money trail. There would have been billions and billions of our taxpayer’s dollars spread around to governments, agencies and people in various parts of the world, so much money; much of that money would have become impossible to trace of account for. Good for some private Swiss bank accounts dontcha think?
OBTW guess who was going to be the referee to insure that the signature nations to the Paris Agreement complied with that agreement? That would be the United Nations. That meant that our President and Congress would have little or no control over what the U.N. mandated our country to do and how to do it. That would have been just what President Obama wanted, a strong platform to advance his uni-world government agenda. Gee I wonder what might have happened under those circumstances.
But the snake oil “man-made climate change” artist’s continue to try and sell their phony “man-made climate change “scam.” Do we remember Al Gore’s 2007prediction that due to “man-made global warming” in seven years the North Pole artic ice cap would be almost gone. Actually in 2014 the North Pole ice cap had increased by 45 to 65 percent. But what the heck instead of the North Pole’s ice cap being gone, good ole Al’s veracity on predictions is gone, if Gore ever had any.
Then the veracity challenged Gore told us, “The interior of the earth is extremely hot, several million degrees. Problem Al, the heat at the center of the earth tops out at about 11,000 degrees woops.
Al Gore’s problem is that since he has made billions of dollars being the front man for “Man-Made Global Warming, Climate Change” he doesn’t care anymore about how ridiculous he sounds. When he makes another stupid statement he just gets back on his big airplane, takes off spewing carbon emissions and leaves town with a smile on his face, a song in his heart and a fat wallet.
Then we had Michael Mann’s “Hockey Stick” lie. We found out that over 5,000 emails revealed that scientist’s purposely deleted evidence that cast doubts on Mann’s claims that climate change was man-made (his Hockey Stick lie). Those “scientists” were under orders from powerful people in the U.S. and the U.K. to come up with a “strong message” supporting man-made global warming and so the “Hockey Stick” lie was used. The stink of intellectual corruption was overpowering. Some scientists were quoted as saying, “What if we find that climate change is a natural fluctuation?” “They’ll kill us all.” If you are interested in the “Hockey Stick” lie, it’s too complicated to reproduce here, just Google it.
And now we have progressed/regressed into a political cabal of young heads filled with mush (Thanks Rush) that are promising us man-made global warming is going to end our world in about a decade, so why have children, they will all be dead before they become teenagers anyway. The real problem is that these political idiots have been elected to our congress.
Since mankind has been on this planet for only 200,000 years and the planet has been in existence for 4.5 billion years, that means Homo sapiens has been on this planet for onlyfour one thousandth of one percent of the earths existence, precisely 0.004444444444 percent of those 4.5 billion years, do we get it, less than the blink of an eye’s time and yet the earth has frozen, warmed up, frozen and warmed up for billions of years without any humans causing those changes because there were no humans on earth. Can we please stop with the nonsense of “GLOBAL WARMING BEING CAUSED BY MAN-KIND”? But then as one of my heroes, Sir Winston Churchill, once said, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”
My friends it is up to the people of the United States of America to get educated on what this left wing, Soros funded and coordinated agenda is. The Paris Agreement was just one of the components of that coordinated plan to help turn the world into a global socialist uni-world, big government tyranny. As we have seen, every one of the Socialist Democrat political fantasy artists, who believe they will be the next president in 2020 support the “manmade global warming scam.” Thank God we now have a President who is not a part of that global autocracy and will fight against it.
President Trump may not be everyone’s perfect man, however I learned long ago that perfect is the enemy of good enough. President Trump is more than “good enough” to keep this country moving ahead, becoming what it once was and will be once more, a God supported nation to keep the world from entering another dark age and a light to the world.
R. L. Howard January 28, 2019

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