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The Republocrats Stuck It To The American Public Again

The US Congress has stuck it to us again and now many or even a majority of Americans are celebrating having it done to them. I suppose when the payoff is given to us we're happy rather than when it goes to the Banks, Auto Makers, Ins. Cos. Etc.Etc., when are we going to learn that having them add another 300 to 400 Billion to the deficit isn't a good thing for any of us no matter who gets the Money. I realize they say it's closer to a Trillion but that's DC Accounting as they added in not increasing our taxes to get that figure, so that part untrue.

We need to understand that they reduced by 2% the SS deduction from payroll checks for employees which if you make $1,000 a week equals about $20.00 however when you add that up thruout the economy it comes to 100 Billion Dollars this coming yr. and that's if we don't improve by adding more jobs when they say SS is going broke great time to cut the monies put into it.  Then they extended Umemployment by up to 99 weeks which I realize some need however many are using it not to get a job as they don't make quite as much as before, hard life.

This give away is going to the unemployed and employed and then I believe there's also a $250 check going out to others that is unless you're already collecting some form of Social Security then you get nothing no check, cost of living increase Nothing after all you're only the generation that help build it up by paying into it for your entire working life. We've watched the politicians spend the Social Security Trust Fund like it belonged to them when it didn't and doesn't to pay for all types of Social Programs most of which don't work but bought Votes for all of them and we're paying the Bill.

My Question to all of you is when are you going to wake up and discover that the taxes they didn't increase is what we voted for and we didn't ask them to go back to DC and add even more to us, our children and grandchildren and now great grandchildren to carry on their backs as those who do this don't have to worry about it as they have a whole different type of retirement and health plan as well, this has to stop and we don't need to celebrate that they didn't Stick It to Us any more than they have already.

We don't have democrats and republicans in DC we have Republocrats in DC and it's time we face it, they didn't need to do anything until January of 11 and then Obama would of had no choice but to go along with the type of legislation that the new elected officials passed. Now we're stuck with this Crap that they call Tax Relief there is no tax relief, did they lower the Income Tax Rate and I didn't notice it or some other tax No. They did what they always do which is exactly what they Wanted to do and I do mean Wanted to do.

They call this a compromise well it's not compromise when we get the Shaft in the name of Tax Relief and the Dems hand the Unions and others what they really wanted and we pay the Bill for it. These Politicians have been Compromising our Freedoms away for Decades now and call it Good 4 America. I don't know how all of you feel but this doesn't send a tingle down my leg and we need to tell them and the new group coming in no more of what you call Compromise We Can't Afford it any longer.

The time has come and gone for this type of Government it's time for some simple businss practices such as;Exempt all Military from these cuts, Cut the Government Jobs by 10% and that doesn't include unfilled jobs, Cut Salaries by 2.5% yrly. for next five yrs. as well as freeze all wages, bonuses etc., Close non performing Agencies such as Energy, Education, EPA, Parks and any other depts. not performing, no more subsides to anyone Energy, Farms Etc. and all retirements for all Federal Employees same as SS such as age and $$$, this will automatically cut the deficit immediately and once again this doesn't apply to our Armed Services.

These are the things we need to do and remember the two Party System is Working just the way they've designed it to and if you don't believe it just look at how they voted together to stick it to us once again. Wake Up America. God Bless You All; Van the Radio Man

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