Ideas Rule the World


The Battle Between the British Empire (Oligarchic Principle)
and the American System (Creativity)


By Lonnie Wolfe

Oct. 27, 2011


1. I am in receipt of two recent reports: One professes to explain how a group or syndicate of individuals controls the global economy through control of various financial, manufacturing, media, etc. corporate structures, that in turn, allegedly interlock with governmental structures, etc. The other report focusses on the widening disparity between incomes of the rich and the middle and poorer classes, seemingly supporting the “We Are the 99%” charges made by the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) demonstrators around the planet, and would seem to call for a massive Keynesian program of government sponsored and regulated income redistribution as a remedy for what ails us, economically.


While especially the former appears to be well intended, both suffer from similar fundamental errors of judgment about what really determines policy and how to examine economic affairs among human beings, and where the solution lies.


2. What determines how people act, is not solely or even primarily some shady conspiracy of people who control physical objects, or employ other people as their agents of influence. People act according to a common set of perceived values, which are determined by ideas—more precisely, fundamental ideas or principles, which define what we call human culture. Real power resides in the means to impose or control culture, to create conditions where people act according to those principles or ideas that dominate a culture.


3. The current globalized culture is dominated by what might be called the oligarchical idea or principle. This gives power to a group of families and their leading individuals, who have over a period of centuries, operated a global financial empire, through which they impose their will and idea for the organization of society upon the masses of people, who, by the way they think and act, are kept in a state of perpetual stupidity, manipulated through sense-based perceptions of reality.


The oligarchical principle uses money and debt as instruments to enslave people, even those who might have, or apparently have, lots of money. All are bound to a singular belief that money determines all value, including the value of human beings (how much does it cost to keep a person alive and functional?). Debt becomes the instrument that binds both individuals and entire nations to syndicates of lenders, around the common belief in the sacredness of debt contracts. Such contracts give the lenders the perceived rights to extract their “pound of flesh” as repayment.


As the long as the system functioned, people stupidly and willingly ceded power to this financial oligarchy, buying into their essentially false promise that with a little bit of bona fortunea, that anyone could strike it rich. In all cases, the ideal was to make as much money as possible, without getting caught breaking the law.


4. This oligarchical principle and the culture of monetarism created massive monetary and capital flows towards “investments,'” or “schemes,” that would maximize immediate ostensible monetary profit, even at the expense of future benefits or even solvency, for lender and debtor alike. For the most part, the majority of people have accepted and believed in this degenerate money driven culture, imposed by the final Roman Empire known as the British Empire, ruled by a degenerate royal family, and their financial oligarchical appendages and related institutions. While one can, with charts and diagrams allege to show “who rules the world,” and in so doing, include actual members of this global financial oligarchy, dominated by the British Empire and its modern imperial outlook, doing so misses the point. It is this oligarchy's culture of monetarism that controls the global population, through controlling how the culture conditions people to act and think.


5. The control of global finance, centered in the power of so-called private investment banks, represents the center of the power of the monetarist system, the which imposes and uses the culture of money to maintain their control. The mechanism of enslavement is debt, as it has been that way back to the first Roman Empire and even before it. For this system to function, people must believe that money and financial instruments are real, and have some value.


6. The United States was founded as an act of conspiracy, initiated by the leading humanist thinkers of the Renaissance, as a flanking action on the oligarchic dominated European states. The United States has always been founded on a different principle, the which impelled and required us to wage a battle for our liberation from the British Empire. The American System of Physical Economy is a wholly different system from that of the Empire. Founded on a belief in the creative potential of man, it marks an advance in human relations generally. Rather than being money-based and driven (greed), the American System invests in the potential to create more productive citizens, through the deployment of credit to create such an intentional future result. Wealth is not counted as money in a bank account, but in the well being and future productive potential of our citizens (the pursuit of happiness, as Leibniz understood that phrase, and as Benjamin Franklin placed it in our founding document). The American System, as created and developed by the great Alexander Hamilton, as expanded and expounded on by Matthew and Henry C. Carey, and practiced by Lincoln, FDR, and further expanded upon by Lyndon LaRouche, who uniquely defined creativity as the generative principle of all economics, is the only consciously successful system for the creation of increasingly harmonious human futures. Founded on the principle of credit deployed to create such a result, it is the opponent of all imperialisms, including the British Empire, which it defeated to create this nation.


Until that conscious intervention to create a system whose central principle was defined as human creative potential, every advance in human progress had occurred as the result of interventions by individuals or groups of individuals operating within the oligarchic system of Empires. An enlightened ruler, such as a Charlemagne or a Louis XI, would push the envelope and make advances, only to see the system push back and wipe out those advances, often within years of his death. The American System is the first true effort to create a system of continual progress, which explains the durable existence of this nation, even when, as today, imperial forces act from within to attempt to cause its demise.


6. The battle lines since the founding of our nation have always been clear. Those who support and serve the British System, such as our currently grotesquely evil President, Barack Obama, are traitors to the human race itself, as they support a system which must ultimately loot the human populations, to the point, as we are at today, where the only result can be a global population holocaust, as openly advocated by His Royal Virus Prince Phillip and his twisted offspring “Dumbo,” Prince Charles.


7. The only way to defeat the evil perpetrated by such people is to re-impose, globally, the American System, based not on monetarism, but the use of credit to create future improvements in relative potential human population density, by increasing the rate of increase of energy flux density, as the quickest route to reverse the British Empire imposed policies leading to population reduction. This will require the feasible use of large amounts of public credit, both within the U.S., and cooperatively with other nations, including most emphatically Russia and China, for large scale infrastructure projects, typified by the proposals for the Eurasian LandBridge power and transportation corridor developments; and in the U.S., by the huge hydraulic project for water transfer from the Arctic southward, known as the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA).


8. The imminent breakdown of the Trans-Atlantic financial and economic systems, as a product of the culture of monetarism, creates the basis for and provides us with the opportunity to organize for what is called a cultural paradigm shift away from this decadent and collapsing culture, and return to a culture of human progress under the American System based on the principle of credit. To accomplish this, we must take immediate steps to actually take the power away from this decadent and murderous financial oligarchy and their political flunkies, such would-be U.S. Emperor Barack Obama. Our most immediate tasks are: the removal of Obama from the Presidency, now, not waiting for the 2012 election cycle, through either impeachment, or via the 25th Amendment (Article 4) for his manifestly dangerous insanity; and moving simultaneously for the immediate re-imposition of the FDR-imposed 1933 Glass-Steagall legislation, a necessary key step in taking the power away from the investment banks.


Glass-Steagall re-establishes and reaffirms a key principle of the American System of credit, that allows for the elimination of the mountains of unpayable debt, created by the culture of monetarism that has destroyed our physical economy. Glass-Steagall deals the effective death blow to the already-dying Empire. Once Glass-Steagall is again the law, we can launch the needed credit-driven recovery program, without the interference of the formerly powerful oligarchy, whose American base is in what is called “Wall Street.'”  Our intention is not to occupy Wall Street, but to shut if down, completely, and eliminate all the parasitical financial activity that it represents.


9. Any competent analysis of political power, here, or globally, must therefore proceed first from an understanding of the battle between the oligarchical culture of the monetarist system and the credit-based American System. We are dealing with two polar opposite views of man; the former views man as merely another beast, whose herd the oligarchy has the right to cull at will, while the latter allows us, rightly, to see man as the creative being he is, whose creativity is the sole source of wealth, measured in the the progress of the human species in our increasing mastery of the universe. One system, in the present crisis, will slaughter the human race to save its own wretched cast of parasites; the other system will save mankind from extinction through the deployment of credit to enhance our potential and survivability. One is a culture of death and destruction, the other a culture progress and life. Without drawing such distinctions, knowing who owns what will lead to simplistically wrong conclusions.


11. Even could we somehow take all the money away from the rich and give it to the 99%, we would not make any change to the fundamental structure of the real economy. Monetarism has destroyed our productive potential through its looting of the real physical economy. How else can you explain that something like Google is worth, in monetary terms, more than the dozen largest global manufacturing concerns. If we follow the money, if we seek to continue to live in a money culture, we are writing out the death warrant for the human race. And for the cause of death, it will be written: ``Stupidity.''

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