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The Seventeenth Amendment to the US Constitution

   I'm not really sure where to post this, but it needs to be discussed. I've already posted it on the East Valley Tea Party site.

   Many of our problems can be traced to the ratification of this Amendment. Is it time ti repeal it? And, if so, can we do it?


   In the middle of the Seventeenth Century, (1650, to be exact) a gentleman by the name of Cecil Calvert was living in London, England. He was a Roman Catholic, Irish, Royalist living in a time of rampant anti-Catholic, anti-Irish, anti-Royalist politics.
   Just to make it clear, how bad this was, let's look at how the words were used. "Catholic" was pronounced Papist (hard A) and used as an adjective to the word, bastard. "Irish" was pronounced mick and used like a conjunction between stupid and bastard. Lastly, Royalist was pronounced as written and used as a conjunction between murderous and (what else?) bastard.
   On any given day, being a member of, even one of, those groups, could result in a high probability of being, either; A) hung by an angry mob, or B) having your head chopped off, by order of Parliament. The fact that he lived through the 1640s proves that he was a survivor, par excellant. As well as; a person of high, personal courage.
   As a side note, he was, also, a member of the aristocracy. Another group that was , also, in high disrepute, at the time.

   Cecil was owner/proprietor of the Maryland Colony, in North America. He is better known to us as, Lord Baltimore.
   Nope! We haven't come to the "Ah-hah" moment, yet.

   Well, Cecil was concerned with giving the people, of his colony, a maximized chance of living in peace, freedom and safety.
   I have neither the time, nor the space, to cover everything he wrote, and all the sources he used. Carl Douglas, in his book "The Baltimore Principles" has done that, already.
   Douglas has condensed Cecil's work into five, simple, basic principles:

1) Each and every level of government is to be created by the people, for the people.

2) Each level of government needs to have three separate branches; the executive, legislative and judicial branches. There must be an effective system of checks and balances between the branches of government.

3) With the exception of local governments, each legislative body has two houses; an upper house and a lower house. The members of the upper house represent the governments directly below it while the members of the lower house represent the citizens within the same region.

4) The powers delegated to each level of government are limited by the citizens and governmental bodies underneath it.

5) Only the legislative branch has the power to levy taxes and to say how public money is to be spent.

   (Now is the "Ah-hah" moment.)
   Does it sound familiar? It should. They're the basic principles, that guided the writing of the Constitution. Have we stuck with them? NO! And most of our modern problems can be traced to that fact.
   Did we simply drift away from them, over time? Again, NO! Those principles were gutted, at one fell swoop, on April 8, 1913. That's the date of ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment, to the Constitution.
   Is that our only problem? Absolutely not! But the repeal, of the Seventeenth Amendment, would be a major step, towards solving many others, that have developed, over time.

   If anyone has questions, or would like more information, on this subject, there are two ways to do it. 1) Get online and start researching it, or, 2) Go to and order "The Baltimore Principles", by Carl Douglas, ISBN 978-1-4507-4939-8. The Bibliography, at the back of Douglas's book, will help with further research on the subject.


Mike K.

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