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The Vital Renaissance of Greek Constantinople.

Friends; Join me in supporting the Renaissance of Greek Constantinople. Muslim Turkey must be released from NATO as Christian Nations unite. Greece must be allowed to reclaim the Western Bosphorus and thus proclaim the Holy See for the Orthodoxy in Constantinople. It is the whole of the existence of the American HQ Orthodox Archdiocese in NY and all around the world that has an Orthodox population. Russia would concur and give a welcomed path for Russia to align more easily with Europe. This is vital for world peace.

ARRC Think Tank has received rare exclusive documents delving into Russian history. These documents are supported by academics around the globe. In essence, there have been two Russia's since 1667ad. Though while the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) were known to the West as White-Russian's, the Old Believers, known as the Red-Russian's, took control in 1917. Putin is an Old Believer. There are many in-depth reasons, but it should be known that the Russian Old-Believers hold the belief of prophesy and that of the Third-Rome.

This can be seen in Pskov in Russia and to a lesser extent at the highly respected Mt. Athos in Greece. Ukraine, Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria today would side with Mt. Athos. That's how important this issue is.

Yet, as modern academics close to the Tea-Party would concur, Islam is NOT a religion...Islam is a military doctrine that formed as a religion. I've read the Quran and its four major Hadiths.

The West has been blind to this simple fact since Charlemagne, but Russia has never forgotten. This fact negates the Crimean War of 1853-6 and the Bosnian War of 1999. It is clear that the Orthodoxy be allowed its own Holy See in Constantinople and join the West as a fellow Christian Nation.

This blog is just a short brief and the subject matter vast, so if you have questions please post them. Thank you.   

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