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We know of the inbreeding of many years of Phoenix Mayoral Candidates who came from the city council. And that looks like it is happening again.  What we need is a person who is NOT A POLITICIAN !  And our prayers may be answered.


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Comment by SolitarySentry on May 14, 2011 at 12:06am


The Tea Party can not endorse candidates. This is not an endorsement.
She needs your support and financing if she is going to be successful.

Jennifer Wright

The Wright Principles
As Mayor, I will focus on the three following principles:
Jobs & Opportunities
- Reduce regulatory burdens that restrict businesses from opening, thriving, and growing.
- Reduce taxes and fees that make business ownership cost prohibitive.
- The more businesses can thrive, the more employment opportunities will flourish.
Safety & Security
- Fire, Police, and other essential services must not be compromised.
- Sanctuary city policies are a danger to our community and we must enforce the rule of law.
Fiscal Responsibility
- Administrative bloat must be addressed.
- The entire budget needs to be re-examined and priorities must go to essential city services while we re-examine the need for non-essential services.

“Born and raised in Phoenix, I have seen a lot of changes over the past four decades to the Valley of the Sun. I remember moving to 60th Street & Bell when there were still mostly horse ranches and Greenway was a dead end. I attended both public and private schools throughout the Valley, seeing first hand the differences between various districts and schools.”
“I graduated from Horizon High School and ventured off to Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where I personally financed my own education and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Economics. I met my husband, Travis while attending Marquette. We married on the 6 years anniversary of our first date and we have been married 11 years.”
“Native Phoenician, Economist, Lawyer, and Activist seeks to take on the vested political interests and take back Phoenix. Running for the Mayor of Phoenix, Jennifer Wright seeks to make essential city services priority, increase business opportunities, and reduce the tax burden.”
“ … I worked in private industry, owned my own consulting business, and worked for nonprofit organizations - developing skills of leadership and develop efficiencies strategies. “
“Long passionate about the law, I decided to go to law school, graduating from the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State University. It was shortly after I graduated law school that policy in America took a major shift. While I had been working with policy groups to make incremental restorations to individual, constitutional liberties - I was called to action to get involved in the political process. “
“I spent 2010 working on a political campaign in an effort to shift the pendulum. And in November of 2010, I led up a team to investigate irregular activity related to Early Voting registrations in Yuma County and assured voter integrity at Yuma polling locations on election day.”
“This past legislative session, I worked with Arizona Legislators to identify the gaps in the voting process that could result in fraudulent activity. Based on identified gaps, a number of bills were presented in the Arizona Legislature. While strides were made to improve the process with the passage of a few key bills, politics as usual stripped some of the best provisions out of the bills and kept others from being heard.”
“Politics as usual is destroying the American Dream. Right now, Phoenix is going out of business. We need to focus on the principles of jobs and opportunities, safety and security, and fiscal responsibility to get Phoenix back to business. “

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