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this is the e-mail I sent Sen. Sylvia Allen, I will be at school at least college cannot attend.

To the Honorable Sen. Sylvia Allen, 

My name is Rosalie Triviz Williams and I am a member of the Latino tea party, I
was born and raised here in Phoenix Arizona and lived in the projects called the
Marcos De Niza. I will get to the point I know you are busy especially with
what's going on this afternoon regarding Senate Bill 1070. Being raised in the
projects we have been fighting the Mexican illegals ever since I can remember so
this is nothing new. In 1969 we bought a house in the Maryvale area at that
time was a good place to raise your children as time has gone and it has become
saturated with illegals all original owners left because they were either
intimidated or threatened and a lot of destruction of property. They now call
this area little Tijuana. I'm stubborn as hell I'm not going anywhere they
don't intimidate me but I do have a son with autism who they have hurt and now
cannot even go outside his front door. Since the signing of Senate Bill 1070
many illegals have left but, not enough. If this bill is repealed that would
just be giving them permission to come back they have no regard for our laws nor
do they care about their own, I see this on a daily basis. It is quite often
that I hear "this is not my country I don't have to obey your laws." I pray
that this bill stays in place and when it finally gets to court it will be
upheld. When Sen. Russell Pearce introduced this bill we were sent a list of
senators and representatives to send e-mails to support this bill, it was my
pleasure to do so, Sen.Gallardo cares nothing about the time and money he and
his friend Randy Parazz are wasting these two professed to help Arizonans on
education, healthcare, the homeless etc. if that were so they would not be
wasting their time on trying to repeal this bill especially when Steve made a
comment to the news media that there was a very slim chance that it would be
repealed. Their only agenda is immigration not what's good for the people of
Arizona. Please make sure they can't even get their foot on the door, Arizona
deserves better. I would also be honored if you shared this with Sen. Stevens,
Sen. Griffin, Sen. Melvin, and Sen.Antenori. I cannot attend as I will be at
school at Phoenix College at the same time. Give them hell.


Rosalie Triviz Williams
623 -247-5220

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Comment by G&L Cole on January 23, 2012 at 6:48pm

Nice letter Rosalie.  I didn't get a chance to meet you personally at the capital this afternoon but I did meet Art and Edwina along with "Wilbur Wildcat".  Maybe next time my wife and I will have the pleasure of meeting you in person.

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