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Trading Of Over The Counter Gold And Silver To Be Illegal Beginning July 15

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Comment by Karen Szatkowski on June 27, 2011 at 6:43pm
Interesting!  Thanks, Mark!
Comment by Mark Pentecost on June 27, 2011 at 5:03pm

This little number caught my eye as well - confusing lingo, unless you play this game all the time, which I don't.  Anyway I called a reputable coin dealer in Phx. (in bus. for 24yrs.), to ask wassup here?  This primarily affects brokers/buyers of "paper gold/silver", but also bullion contracts to "non-registered" buyers (thats folks who are not yet on the Gov./NWO/banker tax roles) on any physical metal purchase that WILL BE physically delivered to the buyer more than 28 days after this law goes into effect.  ACCORDING TO THE COIN SHOP - THIS LAW WILL NOT AFFECT CURRENT OVER-THE-COUNTER COIN OR BAR - RETAIL SALES

However, in my opinion, since Harry Reid stuck that little "hidden" gold trading restriction IN OBAMA'S HEALTH CARE BILL that makes it illegal to sell over $600. in paper "ON DEMAND BULLION CERTIFICATES" "WITHOUT REPORTING THE SALE ON FORM #_________" (forgot the #,sorry) to our overly concerned felonious uncle - IT'S JUST A MATTER OF TIME UNTIL "GOVERNMENT WANT'S TO FIND IT ALL". (AND BY THE WAY - JUST WHAT THE HELL DOES GOLD BUYING/SELLING HAVE TO DO WITH A HEALTH CARE BILL ANYWAY?????)   

So - if you need to do some 401K manuvering, scrap metal cash-in, or silver bullet casting before TSHTF - you probably ought to get started TODAY!   Little timmy geitner is still running his printing press 24/7 to BUY UP ALL OUR OWN TREASURY BONDS, and we will (now garanteed) have worthless currency SOON, and possibly BEFORE the next election!   Can you say "riot's in the street", or declaration of MARTIAL LAW to suppress them?   MORE TROUBLING is the fact that "Martial Law will suspend the Constitution", and effectively allow any sitting President to become an instant King/Dictator WHO THEN STAY"S IN POWER UNTIL THE CRISIS IS CONTROLLED...SINCE ELECTIONS WOULD ALSO BE SUSPENDED!   WOW - maybe that explain's that stupid smirk on big O's mug, all those "czars in training", or janie napolitano's brain dead apperance while rebutting criticism of her TSA thugocracy's actions?

CLUE:  Buy "scrap silver coins" (thats circulated pre-64' dimes, quarters, halves, and silver dollars)!  They are 90% silver content, and will shortly be worth considerably more! 

TODAYS SILVER SPOT PRICE IS >>> $33.76 troy/oz., and a silver "Washington Quarter" is @ $6.11 .

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