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Comprehensive, Constitutional Health Care Reform with Social Security correction


A 20-year transitional plan:


creates a free market for health care

provides sensible tort reform

increases the number of doctors and nurses

saves the private insurance industry

protects all those on Social Security or who will be in a decade

reduces financial burdens on taxpayers

ends “need” for Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid in future

better funds VA & IHS


ends pre-existing conditions

limits insurers’ liability

addresses Long-Term Care logically

provides freedom for health care providers, patients, insurers, and taxpayers


More details available in the book Comprehensive, Constitutional Health Care Reform:

More info on the plan here:


Government IS the problem. Milton Friedman was clear that IF we had a free market in health care, costs would be less than half of what they were then and we'd have MORE health care. He was absolutely correct. Doctors who don't let insurance dictate their lives (and that includes Medicare and Medicaid) and operate payment-at-time-of-service charge less and are apparently happier than those who try to cram in 36 hours of work each day.


"Here’s another 2007 article written by a physician in solo practice (though he has a Nurse Practitioner) whose headline for the American Academy of Family Physicians web page tells an interesting story: “Breaking Even on 4 Visits Per Day” ( Dr. Forrest of North Carolina charges $45 for an office visit; because patients typically need some lab work or such, he says the average cost of a visit with him is $82. He has been able to get a superb discount with lab facilities because they know they are getting paid on time and in full. Superb is 50 to 90 percent off the list price and that savings is passed on to the patient."--from page 61 of Comprehensive, Constitutional Health Care Reform.


The plan is the only comprehensive one out there--deals with LONG-TERM CARE, which most people ignore, yet LTC costs are 80% of Medicaid costs--they cannot be ignored by anyone who wants to claim he has a real solution. Correct tort reform is done--one that doesn't prevent poor victims from being able to be compensated for real damage. Social Security is corrected. Our veterans are cared for. The most underserved population group are American Indians--IHS is the least funded program and it has massive problems. All addressed.


One of the reasons Obamacare would kill us is that doctors WILL leave. This plan creates more doctors and nurses without ANYONE going bankrupt--students or taxpayers. It's worth your time to read the info on the web site, even if you don't get the book and read it. (Note the book has documentation and real specifics instead of vague generalities.) And yes, it covers the issue of pre-existing conditions, illegals and coverage, ER treatment, etc. It IS comprehensive.

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Comment by Laurie Lalko on January 18, 2011 at 8:11am
Keith, It's all covered at the site. There is NO rationing with the TRUE reform. Deductibles are selected by the patient (insured). If one of the thousands of plans doesn't totally suit the person, the ONE CATEGORY of plan with ANY requirements addresses deductibles and ensures that, for example, an active cancer patient could have a very low or NO deductible and a HIGH payout for the year. He'll pay his fair share (sometimes the rich do get hit with cancer) and the rest is taken care of by tax credits to the INSURER. Insurer he chose not doing proper customer service? Switch insurers IMMEDIATELY--there is NO pre-existing conditions BS. I tell you, EVERYTHING is addressed in the plan. Well worth the few minutes it takes to read it thoroughly.

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