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Urgent Call to Action in Pima County

Dear friends from Greater Phoenix, please share this message with any liberty-loving patriots that you may know in Pima County. Thank you!!!

June 29th, 2011

Urgent Call to Action in Pima County

Tucson, AZ-The Chairman of the Pima County Republican Party has taken a stand for liberty, and is being attacked for it by the Establishment wing of the Republican Party.

Chairman Brian Miller has openly questioned the policies that have lead to the militarization of the Police, and the establishment is not happy. They are planning a recall of Brian to silence not only the voice of our Chairman, but the voice of all of liberty loving Americans reading this.

On Thursday, June 30th, the Pima County GOP Executive Committee will call another Special meeting and attempt again to remove Chairman Miller. They do this without an indictment of charges, an investigation and a determination as to the merit of the charges. In other words, some members of the board, and some southern Arizona Republican politicians, think they are in Salem, MA and they are the town elders conducting a witch hunt.

We ask all liberty-loving conservatives to stand and join us in fighting for our freedoms and for our country Thursday evening 5pm, 5447 East 5th Street for a peaceful display of our displeasure.

We are tireless in our passion to uphold our Constitutional rights, and we are even more powerful with the voices of other patriots, like yours, that can spread the word and show support. Feel power in your convictions and make a difference, right here in Tucson. 
United we stand!


Media inquiries please contact:

We the People of Pima County Committee

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