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Arizona Voters. Many concerned Americans are bothered by the direction that our current leadership is taking our nation. Voting is essential for change. I do not know about you, but in the past I would not vote for items on the ballot that I “did not understand”. In Arizona we vote for the placement of Judges. Every voting year I would ignore this section because I did not know how to vote for these individuals who have much influence over our judicial system and our American way of life. This year I did my research and found a website that shares which Judges hold “conservative political views” and which judges hold “liberal political views” I hope you will take the time like I did to fill out your ballot according to your political beliefs. By using this website as a guide you will know which Judges hold conservative views. Please pass this information on to your conservative friends and family members in Arizona. If we all pull together we can make a difference and change our nation for the good! Go to

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