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I am so fed up with the corruption and destruction of America. I have no college education and I am wondering what an average joe like me can do to make a difference? What I hear from the Tea Party is the only thing that makes sense to me. I try to watch the news to stay informed but it makes me angry when I watch because it is like a circus. I do not see anything that our elected officials are doing to be helpful, only destructive. I am tired of voting for someone just to follow the same steps as the rest of the crooks. It is amazing to see politicians mocking the Tea Party. I thought what the Tea Party stands for is America. So, what can I do? Thanks

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Comment by SolitarySentry on April 11, 2011 at 5:39pm


There are a lot of benefits of being a Precinct Committeenan.  You get inside info and get to vett Politicians before the Primary Elections.  You get to be the source of info for your friends and neighbors.  You get an understanding of how a grassroots effort works and become an essential part of the changes we need to restore our nation.  And a lot more, believe me  !!  It is not easy but the process starts by getting on the Maricopa County GOP Website and downloading the "Guide to Becoming a Precinct Committeeman".  Here is the link:

Comment by wayne r bauer on April 11, 2011 at 4:01pm
You've got to expand on the benefits of Precinct Committeemen. I can't find one, I'd like someone to ask questions, I find no one. I've emailed county Republican headquarter, State Republican any guess what kind of response I don't get? We have county Board, state representatives, state senate, then national, is there a way to get information? You like what you read in AZCENTRAL, and PBS HORIZON/ We better find some worthwhile PR or give it up. I'm ready for  a REAL CONSERVATIVE  party, only way to get what the country wants.
Comment by SolitarySentry on April 10, 2011 at 3:54pm

Well, the first thing is to write, call, and Email our Elected Representatives and tell them what we think.

A second thing is to start attending their townhall meetings and visiting their local offices.  Start calling them "Dims" because they turned on a dime and changed direction when they took office.

The third thing is to tell them Jared Loughner had the right idea.  You might want to do that anonymously.  Just joking !!  The real third thing is to become an elected  Precinct Committeeman so you can make sure these corrupt politicians don't even get on the ballot next time.

The fourth thing is to start building an E-mail list of friends, family and like sympathizers and "GO VIRAL" when we catch them doing something we don't like.   Cancel your susbcriptions to liberal media.   Get your news from Radio Talk Show hosts and their web sites.  Pick and choose your own favorites.

The fifth thing is to start sitting in on government meetings,  school board, city council, county BOS, etc.

The sixth thing is to safely update your gun collection, ammunition supply, and moving target shooting skills to let the opposition know you are prepared to take this "All The Way" (If Neccessary).  If you have family, make sure all of them have shooting and self defense skills.

Comment by wayne r bauer on April 10, 2011 at 3:21pm
You can do as much as anyone. Realize 80% of voters are uneducated, or strictly vote based on popularity. The media is totally liberal controlled, so who becomes popular? Use whatever you can get to make your statements, yard signs, window signs in your vehicle, t-shirts, caps, The tea party is somewhat of facilitator, take what we have and make known, offer to others who recognize there is a problem. Don't give up sending emails and letters to all your representatives, from city, county, state and national, ask them questions and expect answers and attention. Everyone take  one more step every day, there's hope.

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