Whether Obama Is A Natural Born Citizen Is A Legitimate Tea Party Concern

To Cathy,

Respectfully submit that you are incorrect in your post that Tea Party should ignore the "birther" question. ONE OF TEA PARTY'S 3 PRINCIPLES IS "CONSTITUTIONAL ADHERANCE" and therefore I suggest you carefully read Article II, Section I in relation to the requirement that the President be a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.

Jeff Lichter

Surprise, Arizona

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Comment by Jeff Lichter on April 13, 2010 at 7:55am

Thanks for your supportive comment and for "getting it". We must all keep up the pressure by contacting representatives, congressmen etc. and insisting that they act on this matter.

Do you know anyone who might want to travel to the OBAMACARE-ELIGIBILITY MARCH ON DC on May 29th? See www.obamacrimes.com for details. I'm looking for people who may wish to travel to it together from Arizona. Thanks again.
Comment by Paul Fetters on April 13, 2010 at 7:33am
It says something that all of us have to prove our residency/citizenship etc in order to apply for loans, schools, passports, drivers licenses, and just about every other damn thing on the planet. But somehow this guy gets to be the president without ever having to prove his eligibility.

Cathy, you are telling everyone to ignore this and move on to other agendas. I sincerely believe that they are hoping for just that. Hoping that we as a country just get sidetracked and forget all about that pesky little birth-certificate.
Why do other presidents have to prove their eligibility, but this one does not? Why did McCain have to produce proof of his eligibility DURING THE CAMPAIGN, but somehow this guy does not? It's ridiculous, and you and everyone else should be insulted that they have the gall to pull a stunt like this.
If anything, the question of the birth cert is the epitome of our disdain for these elitist thieves that believe that all the laws are created for us little serfs and don't apply to them.
Comment by True Patriot on April 12, 2010 at 2:50pm
Agreed Jeff. The Constitutional lawyers that are suing to force Obama to produce his real birth certificate
know he is not a natural born citizen, and yes they have the proof. We are not "birthers" as that is a radical
far left hate name. We are Constitutionalists. You know Patriots who believe in the U.S.Constitution.

I wouldn't call having an illegal communist usurper in the White House a distraction, but the left would love
for us to think so. The left is desperate to cover this up, and shut anyone up who brings it up. The more
they try and cover it up the more attention it is getting as it should.

We can make our intentions clear at the polls, but in the White House too. Obama must be unseated
as he is destroying our country at fast pace and our nation is in serious danger.

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