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Wil Cardon THREATENS Clair Van Steenwyk at Pima County Fair.

Wil Cardon for US Senate THREATENED Van Steenwyk for US Senate at the Pima County Fair, Thurber Exhibit Hall, Friday afternoon April 27, 2012. Cardon actually got in Van’s face.......... inside his personal space.......... to impose his physical size and angry demeanor.

Cardon was shouting so loud in Van’s face that Pima County Fair goers left the two hundred foot aisle to observe from a safe distance, and the vendors are still talking about it today.

Apparently Cardon’s Pima County Campaign Manager was at his side and did nothing to stop Cardon’s public outburst, or check Cardon’s behavior that was clearly unbecoming of a US Senate Candidate, let alone a Campaign Manager.

Appears Cardon was upset about the connection being established between Cardon and Agenda 21 by way of the Urban Land Institute (ULI).  Cardon was heard shouting you’re a liar over and over as well as, ‘I’ll take care of you; you don’t know who you’re dealing with!’ and ‘I’m going to turn you in for FEC violations’.

If anyone knows what a “LIAR” is, it would be Wil Cardon Fact Check: “I was never on his (Flake’s) Finance Commit...

Note: in 2007 Wil Cardon was one of two Co-Founders of the ULI Arizona, Smart Growth Committee and has been one of two Co-Chairs to date. With Van exposing RINO opponents and the GOP in general, for Cardon to explode in public over the Urban Land Institute issue draws heavy suspicion. All the other mud flying around is irrelevant as it goes away at the end of the campaign, except the ULI issue will follow Cardon personally long after the campaign is over. So is Cardon in it to win it, or is he in it to make sure Flake wins? Consider Cardon’s hit pieces on Flake, they are so lame and inaccurate they’re irrelevant.

Witnesses heard Van ask Cardon several times in a civil tone to ‘CALM DOWN’ and STOP calling him (ME) a liar where Cardon continued to SCREAM all the more…..

Cardon’s public outburst comes on the heels of having a bad week or so on the campaign trail.

Shucks, who wouldn’t be torqued and looking for a commoner to DOWNLOAD ON after spending a million bucks on ad buys that didn’t work.

So with Cardon’s poll numbers being low as his campaign funds, he had to do more self-funding.

Friday the 20th Cardon was called on a lie about denying he was on Flakes 2012 Senate Finance Committee (see above "Fact Check" link) – oh yes it is.

Saturday the 21st while on a stage with Van in Apache County, the Secretary of State Ken Bennett told the crowd, ‘VAN or Wil could be the next Arizona Senator’. Bennett never mentioned the other two candidates on stage. Clearly the top Arizona election official sees Van as a real contender based on one's message, not one's bank roll.

Monday the 23rd Steenwyk, Cardon and Flake attended the Pro Life Alliance Rally where Cardon never confronted Flake about the Liar Liar blog post as PAID FOR BY JEFF FLAKE FOR U.S. SENATE, INC. (INC.????). 

Wednesday the 25th Bill Montgomery endorses Flake.

Thursday the 26th Cardon met with a prominent Tea Party and was GRILLED so much so a Cardon staffer tried to intervene saying, ‘meeting over, Cardon has another meeting to go to’ where the aide was told by a member to “BUTT  OUT – he’s asking for our vote”. The grilling continued for another 45 minutes.

Friday the 27th Cardon wakes up and his poll numbers are still low, and it’s found out that he has been buying friends on Facebook. There’s confusion that maybe these are the jobs he's been boasting about, but they're off shore. So much for loosing so many (friends) employees, at least they can't collect unemployment.

Later Friday, Cardon arrives at the Pima County Fair and realizes Clair Van Steenwyk is in a booth around the corner collecting signatures, and passing out literature. Cardon's Pima County Campaign Chair liking his pay check coughs up Van's exact location and than tags along while Cardon goes HEAD HUNTING for Van who is doing what he does so well – getting people to sign his petitions as well as other candidate petitions that are present.

Cardon walks up to Van with a full head of steam, gets in his face - personal space.................................. and goes off.

One thing is for sure, it’s hard for Cardon to have a bad hair day with his short hair.

Consider contributing to VAN’s campaign at  Van for US Senate  read his position statements and see if you agree.




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