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 As you know that Shane Wikfors, Politicco Mafioso and Seeing Red Arizona FROZE hell over for his Majesty king Robert Graham. Last election! And I am just sitting here reading about the McCain Machine. Telling Ken Bennett to get out of the way of his Boy Doug Ducey! Now Ducey has been in training under McCain all the way back from 1986 when he was going to college! Ducey has about  $284.000 laying around! So I have been told!! That McCain's Arizona Victory plan needs some one that will do what he says! And as you can see Ken Bennett is not paying atention! Hell Ken Bennett has a lot of the same money behind him as Jan Brewer! He also gets $2.000 a month from Freedomworks a medical group! So a lot of RINOs will be butting heads! If you check it out they have a heap of money and more will come to buy our votes! O' Yes we are also waiting for the indorsers. Just waiting to see who the Rinos Are. We know  will come out of the woodwork! Just like they did for the KING Robert Graham. And you do remember about the the malicious hit pieces on Robert Graham & Rob Haney! Well some people will never say they were wrong. Arthur Olivas Jr. ps More to come as we have some High School kids researching for us. They want to report you deside

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