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As the story of the Cyprus Template for world financial reorganization unfolds, it is now becoming totally clear that British Empire's policy is “your money and your life.” Dennis Small of EIR reviews recent intelligence tracing the now infamous Cyprus "bail-in" policy back to a December 2012 BoE/FDIC report, and all the way to Dodd-Frank.
Hot selling item!!!  Spanish Mattresses!
Since the people in Spain were given "preferred stock" in their banks, after experiencing an involuntary reduction in their bank accounts, they discovered, within a few months, that the stock was de-valued, and they were left with no money.  A friend who recently returned from Spain has told me that they are manufacturing mattresses in Spain with pockets for savings.  Thinking about leaving your money in a bank?  Better sleep on it.
We've had a lot of columnists write about the Pecora Commission, active during the period of time that Glass-Steagall was enacted, when many investment bankers were put in jail.  Stealing money from people's bank accounts was precisely the activity that enraged our Senators of that time. 
What are our Senators doing now?  They are busy legalizing the process.
What is a "Systemically Important Financial Institution?"
What is the Financial Services Bill ? (Hint. . .it is not Glass-Steagall)
Who are the  PRA and the Financial Conduct Authority?  
Call your Senators and ask them.  202-224-3121.
Do you have your money in a Global Systemically Important Bank?
Citigroup, HSBC, JPMorgan Chase, Barclays, Bank of America, Bank of New York Mellon, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, ING, State Street, or Wells Fargo are all in this group, along with many more.
They are "Systemically Important Financial Institutions" 
SIFI.  Unfortunately, that doesn't stand for Science Fiction.


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