Hi All; It's been awhile since posting on TP site, however came across this interview on Channel 3 from the 2018 Campaign and thought I'd share it with you, not much has changed and Jean & I are still active in politics and I'm doing Internet radio shows from time to time in fact here's my latest one, BOYCOTTT CHINA STARTING 8/23/19 @ 11:30 AM Listen In Live or Later: LINK: http://tobtr.com/s/11475415 Like & Share & Call In with Questions or Comments @ 516) 666-9511 America Take A Stand President Trump announced today that we don't need China in response to them putting Tariffs on some of Our Goods. This has been long over due and for any who question this, well you've been so Intoxicated by Cheap Stuff from China you haven't been paying attention to the War we've been in with them since Nixon opened the Doors to Trade with them, believing it would change the way they think, this thinking is similar to believing we can Trust the Muslim World which can't and never will be able to when you consider who Attacked us on 9/11, and where the monies came from to pay for it all, the only difference between China and the Muslim World is China is doing by using Economic Water Torture, and lets remember they've been stealing our Technology for over 3 Decades now and built up their Military with Our $$$$, and Sending Drugs into the U.S. Killing Our Kids so lets All Join in a Boycott of China, and by the way everyone wants to help the Illegals coming in the U.S., well move the American Companies into those countries and maybe we'll solve that problem at the same time without the U.S. Taxpayer giving them more Foreign Aid in hopes they'll do the right thing with it, which they've Never Done. Let's also not forget the Freedom Fighters in Hong Kong, Freedom is more important than Money and we hope Americans don't forget that, as without it we wouldn't have the Country we live in, so pay a small price, especially when you compare it to what so Many have Paid to give Freedom & Liberty to US. God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk For Blogs by Van go to. https://www.vanscrossroads.com/: Here's the Video Link to Interview as well, https://youtu.be/ZRF3xKZZAmc

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