No discussion on the upcoming propositions for Arizona?

AZ State prop 122 seems pretty straight forward:,_Proposition_122_(2014)

Phoenix City prop 487 I'm not so sure about.  I see signs everywhere to vote no, but I'm highly suspicious.  The wording and discussion that I've found leaves me wondering.

Here's a little (VERY little) of what I've found: PHOENIX PROP 487

Phoenix Pension Reform Letter From COPRA(MUST READ)

Phoenix Pension Reform Act Poses Threat to City Workers and Funds

Posted by azrsc

The so-called Phoenix Pension Reform Act – funded and pushed to the ballot by out-of-state dark money and by shadow groups like the "Arizona Free Enterprise Club" – may well qualify for the city election ballot later this year. The backers of this measure used paid circulators to gather more than 54,000 signatures, or about twice the 25,480 verified signatures needed to put the issue on the ballot.

The measure claims to do two things: One, "end the illegal practice of pension spiking," and two, "transition new city employees into a more sustainable and fair 401(k) style-defined contribution plan." The Tea Party aligned supporters of the initiative say this would "fix Phoenix’s broken pension system" and "protect taxpayers from ballooning pension costs."

That is absolutely not true – a point that we must make early and often if we’re to defeat this measure on Election Day. (READ MORE)

Note the reference to "Tea Party aligned supporters . . . " in the above, which would have you vote NO on the proposition.

Any clarity on prop 487 would be appreciated.

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see also

We are voting NO, it will have a profound impact on us and many good city workers. We will lose our monthly MERP Check which helps pay our health insurance. We selected this option when we picked our retirement plan. We contribute to our plan it's not Free and we are not in a Union or part of the Fire and Police dept. This was a promise lifetime benefit. The pension issues have been resolved but that's never good enough for DiCiccio...I'm a life long Republican and have just about had it with the extremism this party has now adopted. They offer nothing to everyday voters and speak only to an extreme auidence. 487 hit home for us and our pocketbook! We are retired and this monthly check was earned and is not a freebee as DiCiccio and Waring would have you think. If they took the word UNION out of the English Language, Sal DiCiccio would be unable to speak! He's no prize package and lives quite well himself!

That just showed up in my mailbox, don't remember anything about it in the prop. lists I have.  I don't know know what it's about as it didn't say much.

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