ARE ANY of the TEA PARTIES planning an event on Inauguration Day here in PHOENIX ???

WE really must come together and come out in force to show the discontent of this administration’s policies !!!

We Have A Dream: 500,000+ Anti-Obama Activists Arrive In Washington D.C. During Obama’s Inauguration Ceremony … If you are unsatisfied with President Barack Obama’s reelection ‘win’ and you further feel that he will ultimately destabilize America completely, then let us join together with bold Anti-Obama signs clearly stating our main grievances concerning unemployment, the economy, Benghazi, foreign policy matters, war status or whatever may perhaps be your main concern(s) on Inauguration Day, January 21, 2013 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – Federal Holiday), at the West Front of the Capitol Building, which is currently being reported in the news for ticket purchase.

However, all Anti-Obama supporters shall gather at the National Mall, Fourth Street NW, which is a non-ticketed free area for gathering at 9:00 am for an all-day event.

Help us to realize our dream …
If you cannot afford to go to Washington, D.C., then form local groups to attend non-violent protest marches at state capitol buildings or aimed directly at the nearest affordable U.S. Government location nearest you. Large groups should upload event videos via Youtube, then viral post them across multiple social networks.

Help Coordinate a Local Protest Rally March …

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Thank you !!!!  I will.

I'll check, too. One of us has to get lucky. Jeff Dial has always come through. I'll let you know as soon as I get something


Mike K.

GOT IT !!!! Email me at mkeatingss (at) cox (dot) net


Mike K

Mike... I called and left a message ... AS soon as I get the info on what we need to do to be sure we are in compliance I will POST it on the EVENT site ..thanks for the help.

Jeff makes a good point. That has already been raised bu Herman Cain. And some polls i've answered lately have listed prefered parties as "Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian  and Tea Party. You think maybe....?


Mike K.

Mike........... sounds good to me.. I'm soooo tired of the GOP not taking a stand.

And are all of you coming down there on the 19th also ?  as there is a group thing about being there tomorrow at Noon till 2 PM and then Riders USA may roll past the crap that Sal is doing with his march of weirdo's

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