US law of course and contrary to the article to which you referred we do not have a "Judeo Christian legal philosophy in American courts."  Our courts and laws are secular based on English Common Law.  If you take the position that we have any religious basis to our legal system you open the door to that at some point becoming a religious basis you may not agree with.  As to this case.  First the judge was limited as to what punishment was available because the County Attorney in the case offered a plea agreement where all of the charges were class one misdemeanors, the punishment for which is a maximum of 6 months in jail, not prison, and 3 years probation.  Because this case was handled like any other domestic violence case, as it should have been, the reason for domestic violence is irrelevant, the fact of it is all that matters, and because the sentence was in line with the hundreds of such cases that I have seen, I do think the judge did the right thing.  It matters not at all to me that the family was following Iraqi customs, the committed the same type of actions that happen everyday in arizona and they were treated exactly the same as anyone else who committed those particular acts and that is what matters.  They were treated like everyone else has been who has done the same things they did.  That is how it should be, we don't punish someone worse because we do not like the reason they did something, we punish them for their acts.