AZ Tea party participation in Operation American Spring

Is there anyone from either this group or any of the other Phoenix Area Tea parties going to Washington DC may 16th, for Operation American Spring? If not why not? How can you let Americans from all over our country go, leave their families and jobs and not either be there or support them? We are setting up three teams one in the southern Sector, Tucson (all set up and funded already) to supply gas, food and prayer to many of those Americans going to Operation American Spring, next month. We in Tucson are individuals that care and ARE doing something, so others can be in DC for us and our family! We are not a part of OAS but we as individuals are supporting those that are.Sorry to say this but if you are not willing to put in your piece of the puzzle to join other Americans on the wall of the Alamo (so-to-speak), what makes you different from Hillary during Benghazi?

It would be great to have a crew of about 5 that can support others coming through our state or assisting those from our state with gas, food and prayer for the journey to DC and when they come back, to help them get home.

When you look in the mirror ask yourself, how much longer am I willing to do nothing?

Ideally we would also like to see a crew of 5 to take care of the Northern sector through hwy 40. We do not have much time left

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Karen this has been out for 4 Months! Operation American Spring. Please see the info my friend John posted above, there are people from all over the country involved and there are people from ALL over the country that know nothing about it. To me it is heartbreaking that a 1/3 of America wants to do something and is willing to do something when so many do nothing. In Tucson we gathered and  people donated to help their fellow Americans that were going to dc with their gas, food and prayers! Point is EVERY American can and should do something to Help save this country. It is the best country in the world!
Karen Gevaert said:

Judy you are a "Patriot."  I don't quite understand your statement,"go to DC make demands and will not back down until those demands are met."  How does the OAS plan to do this?  Will they be camping out there?  I truly feel that the "Elite" establishment will just ignore everyone and go on doing their "dirty" business.

 Karen unless Americans get off of their butt's and help out with the DC  event, I don't see your mid to long term solutions having an opportunity to be implemented. Please think short, medium, long term and prioritize accordingly. Unless the First step is taken to get across the River, we will not make it to the other side.

Karen Gevaert said:

Do you really think going to Washington D C is going to make a difference??  We are at a cross-road, as Sean Hanity on his tv show--"our government gone wild."  Also government gone "corrupt"  We have so much work to do, just in our state of Az. alone will take an act of "God" to put things right again.  Lets concentrate on electing "conservative" and "moral" people this coming election, our fight begins here at "HOME."

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