Who is in charge of this website? Within the last week one of the active bloggers on this web site has disappeared. We believe ‘Avenging Angel’ was kicked off the GPTPP website. ‘Avenging Angel’ was active in the blogs and forums on this website until this last week. ‘Avenging Angel’ had recently posted the subject about Liars Are Often Caught Lying. We think it was a good posting and passed a lot of good information. ‘Avenging Angel’ criticized the POTUS. That doesn’t sound like some one that would scare easily. And it was all backed up by youtube videos that each of us could see for ourselves and judge for ourselves. When this website was being bombarded by ‘Bob Jones’, ‘Avenging Angel’ was willingly tangling with the guy. That sounds like someone with some degree of courage.

We believe ‘Avenging Angel’ left involuntarily. We think ‘Avenging Angel’ was kicked off this website. Why? What did ‘Avenging Angel’ do wrong to get kicked off the website? Bob Jones posted epithets and insults for weeks before he was kicked off this website. ‘Avenging Angel’ was not the type to insult people. ‘Avenging Angel’ even posted scriptures from the Bible on this web site. Is that wrong? Did ‘Avenging Angel’ get a warning or a lecture that he doing wrong from the website?

We think this has happened before. Where are the active bloggers on this web site from a year or more ago? There are a lot of them that are gone. Did they leave or get kicked off? The complaint of being censored, edited or deleted has been expressed often on this website. And then we don’t hear much from the complainers. There are no rules for blogs and forums on this website that I can find. And the names of the moderators or monitors (if any) are not published anywhere. If there are monitors, do each of them have the same values of what is good and what is bad? The evidences of infighting and unresolved conflicts are still here.

I would like to be a regular active blogger on this Tea Party website. But I am unsure of what is acceptable or what will get you kicked off of the GPTPP website? We deserve a reason for why ‘Avenging Angel’ was kicked off, so we can avoid saying or doing the offensive act that got ‘Avenging Angel’ kicked off. Will there be a public investigation of the ‘Avenging Angel’ dismissal or at least an acceptable GPTPP explanation.

Righteous Conservative Comment by Righteous Conservative 5 hours ago
I was on Avenging Angel’s forum about “Liars Often Get Caught Lying”. So I get a notice if any one posts on the forum. Avenging Angel posted a cute story about Remus Reid, an infamous Harry Reid relative. I have a notice that JPD posted on this forum about 9:30PM last Thursday evening. What did JPD do or say then to get Avenging Angel kicked off the web site?
SolitarySentry Comment by SolitarySentry 6 hours ago

I have just received an Email DEATH THREAT!

Now I suppose I will have to get out my flintlock and take pot shots at people coming up my driveway or stopping in front of my house?  Oops??  That was the mailman! Someone call 911 !  Just kidding!!  ROTFLMAO  Lol!


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Rodger Edgar tried the DEATH THREAT email coming from this site before, as AZRanger tried the CENSORSHIP on GPTPP on this site before? I wonder what the authorities are going to find?


Anyway I think I know who “WE” is.

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