Why are conservatives, especially Tea Party conservatives, allied with the Republican Party? Are we just old people, afraid of the thought of change? I refer to the “thought" of change, because the reality is that, real change is happening all around us, but without any sign that we’re anything but bystanders -- at least, outside Arizona. We’re not involved. We don’t count in any of that “change”. So if in fact we’re simply afraid of “change”, it’s happening anyway so we might as well get over it. Go to the Democrat National Committee website (democrats.org) then go to the GOP website (RNC.org or GOP.com – same place). Compared to the Democrat site, the GOP site looks as if it had been designed by someone who was 95 or older and further, had gone no further than the eighth grade in their studies. There is little if any “sales” content. The Democrat site, in contrast, has one sales pitch after another. They take bold positions. They may all be lies, but they’re selling. They’re selling policy to their public online and they’re winning it at the polls and in Washington.

Some people take umbrage at this sort of thinking, but what good has our support of the GOP done any one of us in terms of what we’d like to see come out of Washington? The GOP leadership wants nothing to do with us. Perish the thought that we should be an active participant in their grandiose plans to do…what? Does anyone know what the GOP vision is? Does anyone know what they believe that their role is to be, politically? It seems at present to be a party without an identity, thrashing around in a boundless sea of relativity with Captain Peachfuzz at the helm. For conservatives, what comfort can there be in knowing that nothing’s right, but doing nothing meaningful to change it? What profit is there in loyalty to tradition when that very loyalty is supporting the destruction of the larger tradition?

It’s axiomatic in business and in personal goals: if you don’t have a plan to get somewhere specific, you’re simply adrift without a rudder. Where does the GOP want the United States and its people to be? Their website homepage announces that they’re “Fighting For A Stronger America”. That’s interesting, but, exactly, how? It would appear that America is getting weaker every day, not stronger. Further, that’s about as specific as anything gets on that site. They seem afraid to make any specific recommendations or to take any firm stand. Maybe their lack of specifics is by design. Maybe they have no intention of winning the things that we think they would want to win. In any event, “strong” people aren’t afraid to take a stand and it takes “strong” people to make anything else “strong”.

So again, what are we doing here? Most of us are strong and most of us could name any number of specific political policy goals that would be pursued until they were won – as the Democrats pursued national healthcare until they won it. But isn’t the GOP’s website in contrast to that of the Democrats’ only a minor comparison to the larger comparison of GOP to Democrat policy wins and results at the polls? There’s a power vacuum in American politics and as it is among nations, it is among people: that vacuum will be filled. There are far too many of us not being served and while we’re not being served, we’re simultaneously being readied for fleecing. Coming here to discuss is of interest, but our discussing isn’t resulting in any change in our nation’s fortunes. We should be considering action centered on filling that vacuum.

Jeff Dover
December 3, 2012

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K-12 district unification - consolidation. After all it is the hearts and minds of our youth that is the future.

Fewer districts = more of a chance to elect conservative american thinkers. School boards hire superintendents who set curriculum. Demand CIVICS - DUTY TO COUNTRY.

Targeting school (unification) and sticking to it, with a statement of taking back our youth, will turn the left on their heads. Its what got them to this point. This will cause them to have to redirect.

Thanks for asking, T4MeAZ! 

Is it possible to correct the mistakes within the GOP?  I don't believe that it is because it needs entirely new leadership, direction and structure.  I believe that the GOP is first a social club and a political force, second.  We're outsiders in that club.  But assuming that it can be fixed,  what has anyone done? What do you think of the RNC website?  Do you like it?  Do you think it's an exciting, informative sales piece?  What do you think about Republican performance during the past 25 years?  Satisfied?  And about "what have I done to fix" things, do you think that one man alone is capable of "fixing" the GOP?  Wouldn't it take many like-minded people?  Finally, the GOP per se isn't the issue.  Policy is the issue.  If we can't get it with the GOP, let's find another way to get it.

Any fix begins with ideas.  I've offered plenty of them on the Teapartynetwork.com  However, we need numbers in general agreement on an idea or ideas to comprise any sort of force.  We are also divided by many among us, who, although the GOP continues to be useless in terms of generating sensible policy for the management of our nation's affairs, seem to cling to it making one excuse after another to stay with it.  To do so is like Lucy promising not to pull the football away from Charlie Brown.  Every time we end up flat on our backs.  Trust us they say, but every time we come up short -- waaaay short.  But will that leadership take advice from conservatives?  No way.

Times up.  School's out.  We need a new organization in my view.

Please note above that I've offered ideas on Teapartynation.com, not teapartynetwork as I wrote in error. 

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