Establishment Republicans HATE their Grassroots!

Establishment Republicans hate their grassroots. Constitutional conservatives. Many of which are TEA party members. Republican leadership has tried to kill their grassroots. Look at Thad Cochran in Mississippi! Using black democrats to win the republican primary. 

Lisa Murkowski in Alaska lost the republican primary. She and the republican establishment waged a write-in campaign using democraps to get murkowski re-elected.McConnell, McCain, Boehner et  al hate constitutional governance and the people who want it. All we can do is keep electing those who will govern using the constitution as the supreme law.

There is very little difference between establishment republicrats and the democraps. Look a W's record on govt expansion! Small govt? I think not.

God bless us all.

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McCain and Flake are prime examples of that "Hate their Grassroots."  Personally, both of their roots have always been planted in the "Progressive Ground."

The Democrat and Republican parties are just two branches of the same party.  The only way either one loses is when a conservative is elected to office.

We have to form a party to replace the GOP for they do not represent us and our beliefs.  What more do we need in the way of evidence?  We saw what happened in Miss. when former RNC chair and governor Haley Barbour joined with RINO Thad Cochran to enlist Democrat voters to vote for Cochran in his runoff election against a conservative.  We saw how the Establishment Republicans treated Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia last November when he won the primary against the Establishment RINO candidate.  The defeated RINO candidate turned around and endorsed Clinton henchman and Democrat Terry McAuliffe while the RNC refused to give him needed funds to beat McAuliffe.  RINO Chris Christie refused to campaign for him and only Reince Priebus showed up -- as if that would bring out the crowds.  Of course, we saw how McCain and his staffers treated Sarah Palin and we've scratched our heads since 2010 watching John Boehner "cave" to Obama time and time again.  No need to scratch any more.  Boehner's not "caving".  He's complicit.  He wants this and so do the people behind the scenes running these RINOs.  They represent not us, but narrow financial interests.

Ladies and Gents, it's time to blow past these people, set up our own party, run our own primaries and debates.  Check out to find out what and how.

Think we need to censure Flake as well, and make sure he is a one time senator.  If McCain wants to run again I suggest he move to the democrat side.

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