South Carolina Needs your help!

We failed at getting rid of McCain. He spent 25 million to defeat a conservative. But, now we have the opportunity to get rid of Lindsey Graham aka. McCain Jr. He is causing the whole country damage. 

There are 5 conservative challengers to Lindsey Graham June 10th. there is one candidate that seems to be the most viable to defeat Graham. If you would like to help rid the senate of this dangerous Rino, we need support. 

Bill Connor, is the candidate who can stand up to Graham. He is a 23 year Army ranger veteran, and a lt. colonel reservist. He has a real understanding at world events and is a true fiscal conservative. 

Here is a link to his website. There is a great video on there about Graham, and Connor, as well as an option to donate to the campaign and help if you can. We need all the help we can get. Graham has a war chest of over 8 million. Just like McCain had millions, it will be hard to defeat this, but anything you could do to help would be beneficial. We would like to get his video ad on the air as soon as possible. 

So please, go look at the site and watch the video. it's very short. Help us get it on the air. Time is running out, the primary is June 10th. Thank you for your time. and generosity. 

Renee Cannon

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I don't agree - we are supporting Lee Bright - in the run & I think he's the only guy who can possibly win in the primary against Graham.  He's currently the president of the SC Senate & he's got an unbelievable voting record - totally conservative all the way down.  We've sent a bunch of bucks & even invited him out here for a fundraiser.

Also - we have important key races in this state, so please help get rid of Kirkpatrick & Sinema. The last thing we need is for Pelosi to get back in as Speaker. Best candidates are Andrew Walters (9) & Adam Kwasman (1) - & Martha McSally (2) - Even if you don't live in those districts - their outcomes WILL AFFECT YOU!  So, dig deep & help these folks out.  We're having upcoming fundraisers at our home for each of these fine individuals, so if you want to help support, let me know!!

Since I am in CD 2 the McSally outcome will guarantee more moderate voting in the House.  She is NOT a conservative. She has not stated her opinion on a single issue important to conservatives. In fact, she doesn't have an opinion about anything except a "fire in her belly" to get back to DC.  If she is elected she will stay in DC.  If you like John McCain you will LOVE Martha McSally.  She has had Boehner here fund raising for her to guarantee her vote for him if she wins....... Shelley Kais is the conservative candidate with the experience and background to be an excellent Rep.  Chuck Wooten is also a conservative  as is Jim Brown--Martha McSally..... not even close.

Joanne, I thought Lee Bright in the beginning would be the right candidate too, but dig deeper....there is more to the story. I do not know how much you see in South Carolina with the race, but, Lee Bright has a lot of problems that will allow Graham to Crush him in a run off. It will not be hard for Graham to take him out. Graham wants him to get the number 2 spot. Lee cannot win this unfortunately... he has some serious financial and personal tax issues and Graham will exploit them. There is more I would not want to say in a public forum, however, there are ALOT of issues and sleazy things surrounding that careful. I supported him in the beginning too, I even donated to his campaign. But, I learned a lot more about him being closely involved with all the campaigns here.  all the freedomWorks activists are 100% behind Bill Connor now. 

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