McCain, Rubio and Romney support Antifa -- Pass the word

Pass this article along to all your conservative friends:

Why isn't Jeff Flake one of this group?  He probably is.  It's just that he's up for re-election this year so he can't come out and say so. 

Want another senator like these guys?  I didn't think so.  Make sure Flake is replaced.

Oh, and so you know who's running the GOP if you did not already, Romney's daughter is the Republican National Committee chairperson.  How do you like the way they enforce discipline to the platform?  Time to lose the GOP as a party.  It must be replaced with a party which will not permit its members of congress to diverge from its platform.

If you take a job and the company tells you that it's up to you to make widgets, but you tell them "forget it" and unilaterally begin to grow beans, how long do you think your job would last?

What makes this any different?  They told us they would repeal Obamacare and cut taxes...and that's only the beginning of all they have failed to do on our behalf, all those things we voted for and expected when we gave them the majority.  However, Establishment people and their minions, Romney and McCain for example, have the party firmly in their grip.  We have been unable to wrest it away since Goldwater.  There's no reason to believe in success with that going forward.  Time for a new party with new rules so we can place people in office who will answer to us, and not corporate lobbies and foreign governments.

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