Responses to e-mails to John McCain, seem strange. Not only are they ALL "boilerplate", but often do not address the subject of the e-mail being responded to. Speaking with others who have noticed this aberration, I have heard comments regarding a seeming disattachment between subjects being discussed and Senator McCain's contributions to the discussions. May not mean anything, but..... Maybe if more people were involved in looking for these seeming disattacments, a pattern might appear which might explain them.

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Do you have an example?

My (past) experience w/ McCain has been as you described. Kyle was far better at appearing to be on-topic. I doubt McCain will run again, but we're stuck without a recall. He will do whatever he will do.

You don't pay enough for him to hire good competent help, they're too busy packing his suitcases to travel the world and oversee his investments in the middle east, just face facts and accept how you were taken and screwed last election. Going to do it again???

I stopped calling and e-mailing McCain a long time ago. Never got an answer and his voice mail was always full. Didn't vote for him last time and would never vote for him again. He's a RINO and people cannot see that. Have you seen any action on "build the fence"? No, and we never will.


Here is a good example of the type of response received from Senator McCain:

Sent: 3/6/2012 7:52:12 A.M. US Mountain Standard Time
Subj: Correspondence from Senator McCain

Dear Mr. Williams:

Thank you for sharing your views with me. I am pleased that you took the time to write.

Your concerns, opinions and views are important to me and help me do a better job in the United States Senate. Your input on this matter is of much value to me.

Again, thank you for your recent correspondence.


John McCain
United States Senator


As you can see, it is typical boilerplate, as I've noted.  Unfortunately, our other Senator, Senator Jon Kyl, doesn't even bother to even respond with boilerplate.  Kyle will be leaving shortly, but wer're stuck with McCain for the next few years.



There has to be a way to remove the RINO. in a "CITIZEN" owned country and "CITIZEN" controlled government there has to be a way.

As I look back, we were not united behind any one candidate and McCain had the "big bucks". I'd like to know what he has ever done for the state of Arizona, I haven't heard him back Brewer on anything. He stands silent in the background when it comes to issues in our state. I think he's just here to further his political career...maybe I'll do some research on that.

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