Senator Flake to Support Expanded Background Checks?

The Washington Post published an article yesterday (  which specifically mentions both Arizona Senators as likely supporters of a "bipartisan" Senate bill expanding federal background checks to cover most private firearm sales.  This does not surprise me from Senator McCain, whom I suppose most if not all of us have long since written off as a lost cause when it comes to supporting or even understanding the Constitution.

Senator Flake, on the other hand, has shown great promise in most ways, but I suspect requires some constituent guidance on this issue.  He may also, as a brand new Senator, be under considerable pressure to "go along" with measures such as this in exchange for future committee appointments.

Granted, I'm giving the Senator the benefit of the doubt here; for the time being I will continue to do so, but if it becomes clear he no longer stands on conservative principle, then I believe his anticipated ascension to the position of "Senior Senator from Arizona" in 2016 should be vigorously challenged.

Here is an email I have sent him on the subject of the currently negotiated Senate bill; I urge my fellow Arizona Tea Party Patriots to send similar messages.  Please feel free to plagiarize it in any part or in its entirety!


Senator Flake,

A February 23 article in the Washington Post specifically lists you and Senator McCain as likely supporters of a “bipartisan” Senate bill to expand the federal background check database for firearm purchases to include private sales.  You have previously stated your strong support for the Second Amendment, Senator, and for the Constitution, but these positions are absolutely incompatible with support for the currently debated bill.

The Second Amendment contains no qualifiers.  It states simply that the right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.  Any and all gun control measures are the prerogative of the individual states, not the federal government.  This bill would infringe deeply on our rights by providing the federal government with the means to know exactly what every American citizen possesses and to attempt to CONFISCATE those arms should it choose to do so.

Furthermore, it is very well known to most of your colleagues in both houses of Congress—as it is to a majority of American citizens--that no bill you could pass will have the slightest impact on preventing gun violence, because criminals and psychopaths do not care about or obey laws.  The only thing this bill will accomplish will be to cast an additional looming threat over the heads of law-abiding citizens, at a time and in an environment where the burden of such threats from Washington have reached unprecedented mass.

Senator, this bill is the golden key that opens the door to tyranny.  It is exactly what progressives and statists in Washington want.  I am sure you know from your experience in the House that to compromise with the left (or with statists in our own party) is to compromise our liberty.  I urge you to reject any further attempts by Washington to erode our Constitutional rights, and to reject the notion that more restrictions are necessary because “something has to be done”.  I urge you instead to join the emerging leaders of your party in focusing attention where it needs to be—on the culture of violence in America, the devaluation of life, and the creation of easy targets for criminals by existing, poorly-conceived gun laws.


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I have one question for supporters of Jeff Flake...."what legislation has he authored that has improved Arizona citizens lives'? The man is a liar and sold his integrity for power.  Term limits...hah!!  Guess he lied...his words not mine. He is a McCain rhino and needs to go.

Great letter Jeffrey...just sent one of my own.  I have always thought of Jeff Flake as one who blows with the wind.  Just what we need, another like McCain.

You may be right there, Dan--he maintained one of the best conservative voting records in the whole House according to the Heritage conservative scorecard, but as far as I recall he's built his entire resume as a political leader on "Earmark Reform", which is a pretty weak resume if you ask me.  Times like this will show whether or not he has the cajones and the convictions of his principles to lead.

Dan Bruner said:

I have one question for supporters of Jeff Flake...."what legislation has he authored that has improved Arizona citizens lives'? The man is a liar and sold his integrity for power.  Term limits...hah!!  Guess he lied...his words not mine. He is a McCain rhino and needs to go.

Agree wholeheartedly when do arizonans join and correct this huge mistake?? Is this the conservative you voted for, or are you going to sit around and see how bad things can get in six more years??

We pick from the field of candidates and select the most electable conservative candidates we can find.  If our candidates win, then our job is ONLY beginning.  The Republic was designed for public involvement and unfortunately a major portion of voters consider their involvement finished once 'their guy/gal' gets elected.  Understand that our elected officials are under the influence of huge money and power players. 


Stay on top of the issues... Be involved, and let your representatives KNOW what your views are.  Phone calls hold the greatest impact, but write letters, emails AND call.  Let 'em know, or we'll get what they want, not what WE want.  Yeah, McCain & Flake are likely going to cave on Universal Background Checks, so NOW is the time to write/call and make your voice heard.


Don't like your choices?  Get involved in the primary processes!  It can be argued that the primaries are where we conservaties lose our battles.  It takes a lot of work to put candidates in office.  Our opposition understands that, and we have to learn those lessons as well if we're ever to change the direction of the GOP.  3'rd parties sound romantic, but the fact is that the GOP has the horsepower to win.  By the time we get a viable 3rd party to a level of influence that'll do us any good, we'll have already lost the war.  My view is fix what's there... Let's not reinvent the wheel.  

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