Former SC senator Jim DeMint, now leading the Heritage Foundation, sent me a “survey” this morning, via email.  The subject line was “What Do You Think?”, followed by a letter telling me he wanted me to fill out an opinion survey.  The following is my response: 

“Here’s what I think:  A vote for politicians with an (r) following their name is the same as a vote for a person with a (d) following their name, in effect.  I will vote for NO ONE in 2014 with either of those affiliations.”  I followed up by sending the same notice to my Representative, a Republican.

I now understand that the House and Senate GOP move to “shut down the government” was nothing other than a show designed to placate you and me.  The end of the show, the last act, was scripted such  that they would kneel to the Democrats, throwing away the power we gave them to represent our interests when we voted them into office.  It was all a calculation in the GOP house and senate leadership, designed to show us that “well, we tried…(sigh)”.  It was always the plan.

It was all just a show, just posing in an attempt to keep conservatives at least somewhat in the game.  Sorry, we’re not taking the bait.  We’re not fooled.  We still have no budget and we still have Obamacare.  Amnesty is still on the table with support from prominent Republicans.  We have no special prosecutors looking into Fast & Furious, Benghazi, the IRS treatment of conservative political organizations or any of this administration’s many obvious misuses of power, criminal or merely unethical. Yet, we have the power in the House to keep much of it up front in headlines and to block the bill we detest.

They’re in it together, folks.  There’s no effective difference in the two parties.  Thus, we need that new party, a party with rules providing for the immediate expulsion of any elected member of that party who acts or votes in opposition to that new party’s platform.  Without that provision, how would we know who to vote for? Without the formation of that party, I’ll be voting for no one in 2014.  I wouldn’t vote for a Democrat and a vote for a Republican, barring a few, is the same.  The few Republicans who are genuine are not by themselves strong enough in numbers to make a difference and we don’t have the time to wait for them to gain that strength, so why waste our time voting for any of them?

That’s what I thought of the show.  How did you like it?


Jeff Dover

October 17, 2013

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You are 100% correct and until voters put CONSERVATIVES in government there is no change, the charade and phony games continue

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