Ok, I've had it with our slimy, two-faced junior Senator.  Jeff Flake has fed us a series of pretty promises but behind the scenes has served only his own ambition by serving the progressive establishment power brokers.  He betrayed us on the defunct gun control bill by voting to bring it to the floor and by voting for cloture instead of standing against it with Senate leaders Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee.  Now he's reportedly in the process of betraying the people who voted him into office again by working with the gun-grabbers to help get a gun control bill re-introduced.


Now today a news story that Flake refused to support Ted Cruz's amendment to the Amnesty bill that would have prevented newly legalized illegals from gaining immediate access to welfare, even after his spokesperson stated he would support such an amendment.  These are not the only examples.  Jeff Flake is clearly not living up to his campaign promises, nor to conservative principles in general.  We expect this kind of progressive behavior and betrayal from John McCain, but Arizona now has TWO Senators working against the will of the voters for the destruction of America.


I believe it's time to start a recall petition for both of these unprincipled liars.

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I'll sign it!  I figured it was just a matter of time...lies, all lies...

Need any help!!!  These two traitors need to GO!!

This is nothing unexpected to me. McCain is the same way and I'm sure driving Flake's thinking.

I'll sign it.  Flake has proven to be a flake!  May as well go after McCain and Brewer at the same time !

McCain is the worse!! Flake is a problem, but if McCain is out of the picture " maybe" Flake would improve.  I'm shocked that  our state Repubs have not initiated some action against Obrewer political ineptness, she is not fit to govern.

Absolutely! If work and planning starts now, by the Fourth of July, we can hit the ground running. With ALL THREE recalls.


Mike K.

Flake lied to the left and ticked them off (have you see the ad they're running) now he all for this BS immigration reform and giveaway scheme.  He's done in my book, he's received the last vote I'll give him.  I've already written him and told him so.  He needs to go get a real job (like most of Congress), and so does that gray haired old man who seems to be his mentor.  Arizona seems to be absorbing to many left coasters and going the way of Nevada.  May be time to consider rural Texas!  I think perhaps I'd rather take my chances with a tornado or two than trust the RINO's we're breeding here in AZ !

Karen Gevaert said:

McCain is the worse!! Flake is a problem, but if McCain is out of the picture " maybe" Flake would improve.  I'm shocked that  our state Repubs have not initiated some action against Obrewer political ineptness, she is not fit to govern.

Now that we are being monitored by our fascist government, recall on McCain/Flake seems minuscule compared to all the crazy people in our government.  They all need to be recalled.

I'd prefer to get it going as early as possible, regrdless of the heat--I want him to feel the fire under his rear before he sells us too far down the Progressive river with his sneaky and wishy-washy votes.

JPD said:

Flake will not improve - he has already proved that – he lied to get elected. 

It’s not worth recalling Brewer, besides including him may work against getting signatures from voters from other political persuasion. Add the mystique of a twofer that has never been done – another first for Arizona!

Focus on TWO US SENATORS, a free for all recall election.

The whole idea of a recall is to get the signatures in the allotted 120 day to force the recall. Before you start planning get a copy of their PLEDGE to resign (if they tendered one) from the Secretary of State – don’t take the word of the Sec of State office – HARD COPY only: 19-222. Pledge to resign subject to recall http://www.azleg.gov/ars/19/00222.htm Suggest someone who is unknown aka never been registered to vote to make the request so the two TARGETS can’t figure out where it’s coming from, this also keeps it neutral.

Summer – July is not a good time to start a recall – who wants to stand and sign a recall petition in the heat. Need to start the effort in late August or mid-September. People are back from vacation, school and universities start up, events going on everywhere.

R.I.D. RECALL Flake/McCain: R.I.D. = (Republicans, Independents, Democrats)

R.I.D. RECALL” Brewer/McCain, elect two U.S. Senators and a Governor in 2012:


To get the signatures we need issues that appeal to all the voters.



Cook, have fun.

You cannot recall a sitting Senator.  That right was taken away with the 17th Amendment when the states  were denied their constitutional right to select the senators.  If you want to do this in the future then the 17th Amendment has to be repealed first.  Put the power back in the State Legislators as the Founding Fathers designed our Constitutional Republic.  This was the worst screw up of the 20th century.


You got to be "KIDDING"  So how come Russell Pierce was recalled?  The last part of the seventeen amendment, to me, is a little fuzzy.  So if a elected official constantly goes against his constituency its OK, REALLY!!!

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