Ok, I've had it with our slimy, two-faced junior Senator.  Jeff Flake has fed us a series of pretty promises but behind the scenes has served only his own ambition by serving the progressive establishment power brokers.  He betrayed us on the defunct gun control bill by voting to bring it to the floor and by voting for cloture instead of standing against it with Senate leaders Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee.  Now he's reportedly in the process of betraying the people who voted him into office again by working with the gun-grabbers to help get a gun control bill re-introduced.


Now today a news story that Flake refused to support Ted Cruz's amendment to the Amnesty bill that would have prevented newly legalized illegals from gaining immediate access to welfare, even after his spokesperson stated he would support such an amendment.  These are not the only examples.  Jeff Flake is clearly not living up to his campaign promises, nor to conservative principles in general.  We expect this kind of progressive behavior and betrayal from John McCain, but Arizona now has TWO Senators working against the will of the voters for the destruction of America.


I believe it's time to start a recall petition for both of these unprincipled liars.

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Absolutely agree that we need a new party that will reach out and appeal to so many who - according to the polls - are fed up with the district of corruption.  We already have a fundamental, albeit fractured party:  The Tea Party.  If it can somehow become more UNIFIED across the country, it seems to me that this would be a logical springboard from which to start.  Rename it if deemed necessary - I realize that its been 'branded' by the left as radical or terrorist - a different name would be fine (after all, that's what the left does - if its perceived as unacceptable, just call it something different - we need to be a lot more aggressive and passionate in our messaging - if we're not passionate in our message - like the left is - why should those that we're trying to reach be passionate enough to listen and act on our message?).  The country seems to be waking up to the 'fundamental transformation' that this ruinous potus and his ilk is imposing on us.  Now is the time to organize and solidify a third party that can appeal to our constitutional foundations and common sense (something that is seriously lacking in both existing parties). 

The gop has been completely (with very few individual exceptions) co-opted by progressives and its clear that they are not about to change.  They can't even clearly articulate to the masses what they are pretending to stand for (maybe because they really don't stand for what they pretend to).

Posting this for action from freedom loving Americans. It's "We The 'little' People" vs. We the Elite People of Culture of Corruption in ALL of Washington DC.

Facts: 1) Obamacare WILL collapse in two years time. Please write this down on a yellow stick-it and post it on a conspicuous place in ones humble abode. Why? Is it possible a carefully crafted piece of complex legislation could possibly fail? YES! By the very nature there are so many "dead ends" built into this complex piece of legislation. Secondly, all Rules & Regulations being written ARE NOT BEING DONE TO CORRECT HIS MORASS but to finally take over all Health Care... across all these fruited plains in 2016. A government run "single payer system."
2) Climate change, Global Warming, Carbon Credits what do these have in common? Government take-over of the power/energy sectors of the USA.
Why are so many lobbyist's, former lawmakers, myrid of crony-capitalists lining-up to organize, finalize this massive monopoly by We The Elite People of culture of corruption in all of Washington DC? Check it out, Chicago's Carbon Exchange Commission sole existence is to "regulate carbon credits and debits" worldwide. Ever heard of the Bakken fields? HUH? USA has worlds largest petroleum reserves in the world...a next exporter, if you will.
This "shut down" kabuki theatre is mere show-and-tell for We The "little" People's individual consumption and distraction. Remember always: A progressive's mantra is...1)DEFEND, 2) DEFLECT and 3)DISINFORM. Wake-up America We The "little" People are about to be fleeced into serfdom.Pray. Amen. We're being played like a "hurdy-gurdy" man plays his crowd. Join a Tea Party...learn the truth.

I like to call him Jeff McFlake because he's a clone of John "Amnesty" McCain.  I voted for McFlake because he convinced me that he would be a strong constitutional conservative, and that he would be a counterweight to McCain's Democrat tendencies.  What a fraud he turned out to be.  I will never vote for him again.  

McFlake supports amnesty, gun control, and ObamaCare.  It is apparent that his support for the Constitution and the desires of his constituents are way down on his list.

Matt Salmon for Senator next time?

Matt Salmon for president!! Lets put him somewhere where he can do the most good--- so so so so sorry that he did not beat Nappy!!!

McFlake is a politician in the truest sense..... we got fooled!!  but you know what they say..... fool me once shame on you fool me twice  and I'll rip your heart out through your throat!!  McFlake will not see another term in the Senate!!   wish I coud say the same about McShame!

I just heard on the radio that McShame Is planning to run again, he will only be 80 years old.  I knew he would, he is so full of himself, that he actually stated that he had support from some corporations, or something, anyway we can't let this happen!!!

We better got off our butts and get recall going NOW..

If he does run again we have to run someone who is a true conservative with name recognition.  We cannot let the Hayworth thing happen again.

I agree we need to recall both of these democrats posing as republicans hence the RINO name. No one in their families should be able to run for office for 50 years, not even dog catcher.
These men, I use the term loosely, have lied and lied to all Arizonians. Either we recall them or we lose our Wonderful state to a bunch of socialist.

Some time pass, JC Daley discussion on "recall"  that the 17th amendment protects the sitting senators.  only in case of replacing one due to retirement, death, etc.  if one is done, it will cost bunches of dollars, and would need lawyers to defend if it goes to court.  I'm not a pessimist, I want to get rid of the trash in government but how?

Glad you asked Karen.

I have been researching options and the only one out there is by Constitutional Amendment.  Difficult but not an impossible task.

In my research I also found out that the reason the 17th Amendment went through is because many states had already passed STATE legislation to direct elect Senators.  They had to do this because state legislatures could not come to an agreement  of who to chose for a Senator. The Selection fell to the States Governor's to appoint "temporary" Senators until one could be selected which meant they chose one from their own party.  Often that didn't happen and the appointed Senators wound up serving full terms.   This completely undermined the Constitution and the republic form of government.  So they passed the 17th amendment without consideration of being able to recall and accountability to the States--which was the intent of the Founding Fathers to give the States representation in Congress. 

I think since it was done once the states can again enact legislation to make the Senators accountable.  I am now researching how and when the state's legislation was passed and what they said.  Might be a wide goose chase but at this point it's better than every other option we have---which is nothing. 

Karen Gevaert said:

Some time pass, JC Daley discussion on "recall"  that the 17th amendment protects the sitting senators.  only in case of replacing one due to retirement, death, etc.  if one is done, it will cost bunches of dollars, and would need lawyers to defend if it goes to court.  I'm not a pessimist, I want to get rid of the trash in government but how?

Then we can use "convention of States"  Mark Levine, from his book, Liberty Amendments, there is a movement to do this.  This could be done, only problem, "WHEN.''   This is just a new movement, it will take time.

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