What’s The Difference Between Republicans And Democrats In Congress?


Who believes that the House of Representatives, controlled by Republicans and Speaker Boehner, will defund Obamacare?  Who believes that they won’t tell us it’s because they’d have to “shut down the government” if they defunded Obamacare?  We know that the latter excuse is pure baloney – but it’s the only one they can come up with that has any possibility whatever of being believed.

Who believes that House Republicans along with Senate Republicans will band together to block a vote on amnesty?  Perhaps it will be modified and the press and GOP handlers will be called in to come up with a name for it other than “amnesty”, but it will amount to the same thing in its final form.  Does anyone here believe that it will be denied?

It remains to be seen, of course.  I don’t know what will happen, but I have absolutely no faith that Republicans will use their power to prevent the implementation of Obamacare or that they will band together to foil Amnesty.  It would fly in the face of every other result they have handed us over the past several decades.  The key is to forget the labels, “Democrat” or “Republican” and to forget the “platforms”.  As power has shifted back and forth, what has been constant?  Only the advancement of liberal policies and the growth of the federal government.

Taking a hard look at results, can anyone say what the difference might be between the Democrats in congress and the Republican leadership?  If you look at the legislative results, does it matter that there’s a party which supposedly opposes the Democrats and represents us?

How have Republicans used their clout in the House to keep spending down?  How have they used their power there to promote and win any GOP platform goals or ideas?   They pretend, for appearances, to put up a struggle against Obama, but what’s the uniform outcome?  Don't they control the House?  Yes, but then, what did they do when Bush was president and they had an overall congressional majority?   What have they done to prevent Obama from doing all the things that he is doing?  Do you believe that they are afraid of Obama?  Do you believe that they are afraid that the talking heads will call them racists if they oppose and block Obama?  If you do believe the latter, you must also have to ask yourself “Knowing the cost to the nation of allowing it to continue, what kind of person is afraid to be called a “racist”, when not the vaguest shred of evidence or intent of racist behavior exists and everyone knows it?”  At that point, isn’t it just a lame excuse devoid of credibility?  At what point do you see what the results are -- constantly growing government, constantly waning individual rights, continual constitutional breaches – without any effective or sustained response from Republicans, and decide for yourself “these guys are all in bed together”?

Isn’t it clear by now that both Democrat and Republican centers of power are determined that, no matter how it’s done, the US will be an authoritarian state run by an enormous, unaccountable bureaucracy under the control of very, very few people?

So, I’m waiting: what’s the difference between the two parties, other than differences in style or in the lines they use to gain our votes?  I’m not suggesting conspiracies or anything of the sort.  Simply look at results.  When you look at those outcomes and results – and only results, not excuses or “reasons” – isn’t it clear that they are one and the same political party?  Regarding corrective action with reference to the GOP, how is it possible to defend 25 years and longer of ZERO results and then say “we only need to populate the precincts with conservatives” or “we just need to change it a little…”?  That’s just a ruse, a stall which won’t deliver, designed to prevent us from doing the obvious.


Jeff Dover

August 22, 2013


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Will make this as short and painless as possible. Progressive New Left Activists are in total control of:1) America, 2)American; political, Judicial and Social agendas every where in these US of A. Led by none other than their Pied Piper-in-Chief Mr. Obama and his assembled masses of willing faithful of the Progressive New Left Activist orthodoxy. Not only will America's Healthcare system collapse but the next one on their list is the energy/power sectors of all US of A. It's already underway...check it out. A "soft" coup d'etat is silently underway folks! There's enough proof for any thinking American to discern and analyze. America's business Elites have been co-opted, bought and paid for by the Progressives with lots-and-lots of "crony-capitalism!" What's left? Religion? nope, it's been co-opted, education? nah! It too has been corrupted with "indoctrination." Financial "Laissez-faire" capitalism? Wrong again! Top down: 1)greed, 2) power, 3) corruption on a scale never, ever seen before. And governance? It's Progressive New Left Activism a la Marxist/Leninista. This is the Cloward-Piven agenda from early 1900's with Woodrow Wilson's fingerprints all over it. To revert this tsunami, will take a rush to Tea Partyize huge numbers of Americans in Constitutional Conservatism (which We The People all know is next to impossible). Why? Because of linguini-spined lawmakers in We The Elite People of all of Washington DC's culture of corruption. Organize FAST, or FAIL miserably. Pray. Amen. Join a Tea Party.  

I'm concerned with Mr.Dover's not stating the obvious.  There are several  CONSPIRACIES.  There are multiple fronts that the enemies of the constitution are working on.  All need to be addressed.

 A common belief in the American culture that I come from is that the constitution of the U.S.A. will "hang by a thread" and it will be the followers of Christ that will save our nation.  (oh no!!!  I mentioned Christ.  We have a separation of church and state. I can't say that.)  Get real. We don't have a state religion.  That does not mean we have no religion.  We are free to practice our own religions as each one of us sees fit. That is one of the reasons our nation is the greatest nation this world has ever see.  We desperately need to get back to the way God inspired our founding fathers to set this nation up.  The Constitution is the Solution!  Anything else will fail!  It will take all we have to make it work.  

Give me liberty or give me death.

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