Where is Obama's proof of eligibility?/My letters to McCain, Kyl & Franks

Obama apologized at the U.N. to Islam on behalf of himself as a Muslim, NOT on my behalf as a Christian American citizen, or any other American citizen that I know.  The United States is NOT Islamic and we owe no apologies to any foreign entity who commits the murder of innocent Americans abroad on sovereign U.S. soil.


When is the United States Congress going to represent the American citizens they were elected to represent?  The entire Congress swore an oath to "…support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…"  Why, then, is Congress allowing a non-vetted individual who refuses to legally authenticate his true identity to occupy our Oval Office?  Why is all of Congress breaking its oath of office by ignoring American citizens requests for Obama to produce his "real" identification which is sealed in Hawaii?  Why is Congress allowing this non-vetted individual to legally enter into the United States Presidential Election campaign for the second time?  Why is Congress allowing Obama to make the United States a laughing stock before the entire globe?  The best question yet is why has Congress not indicted, arrested and why is Congress not trying this imposter for invoking laws he has no power to orchestrate let alone unleash on the American people?


How long do you think the American people will tolerate his actions or yours?


There may be some stupid sheeple out there but the vast majority of Americans have woken up to the fact that not only is Obama a fraud, but also that Congress has broken American law by allowing a foreign enemy to enter our Oval Office and conduct this country's affairs on their behalf.


Americans want to see some action on their behalf: prove Obama is eligible to be POTUS!

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You seem to have forgotten that the tea party/republican/conservative members of Congress have forsaken their oath to support the Constitution (...and thus, the American People), with their pledge to Grover Norquist.  What have they done on behalf of We the People?  I regard their action (inaction) as treasonous.

Also, did you know that "Original America" supported slavery, regarded women as property(NO rights), provided no place for religion in the new government, only permitted property owners to vote, etc.  ~GR~

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