Miguel Perez, who has a blog on examiner.com, is the current president of Chicanos Unidos Arizona and an active member of La Raza, also served as the vice president of the Latino civil rights organization MECHA in Fullerton California.

Some excerpts from his blog:

8-17-11- message for Latino children about getting back at their repressors. “Latino children will grow up and fight in the war to take back our land.

8-17-11 - Many Latinos feel they are oppressed and are about to take over the lands stolen from them. “The apes could easily be the Latinos and the scientists are the White people. Eventually, the Latinos are going to rise and fight to get their homeland of Aztlán back,”

8-13-11- “A major award for a Latino would be celebrated by people in American lands that will soon be taken over by Mexico,”

8-2-11- But it is White Americans who have repressed minorities for years,”

7-31-11- This country is really going to Hell. But perhaps, when it becomes part of the Latino homeland of Aztlán, things will get better.

7-23-11- Every single teacher needs to be able to speak Spanish. The ones who don’t learn are lazy and racist.”

6-15-11- Then, he wants to help install the Reconquista curriculum in local schools that have a lot of Latino children.

5-12-11- Why would you want to put a border preventing people from going back to the land that was stolen from them?”

4-29-11- “Latinos have come so far over the past thirty years in taking back the land that was stolen from us.

3-21-11- As Latinos prepare to take back their homeland of Aztlán (most likely through political force, even though war is still possible),

3-21-11- It is predicted that California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas will become the country of Aztlán by 2030.

3-17-11- the Mexicans take back their stolen land of the Southwest and conquer other parts of the United States.

11-13-10 -The transformation of the Mexican homeland of Aztlan continues this week as it has been announced that Latino children now make up the majority of California’s public school students.

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And on 08/01/2011 . . I said Over my dead body !
This sounds like the rantings of a lunatic who is submerged in the hate that they accuse us of. This guy is a hard core racist and represents the definition of what a "Domestic Terrorist" really is. Rather than supporting the ideology that this young punk is preaching, these are the very people that Obama, Holder and Napolitano should be focusing on. Instead these "leaders" and their lackeys attack those entities that enforce our immigration laws like Sheriff Joe, Senator Russell Pearce, the State of Arizona, the State of Alabama, etc. This country is in real time danger as long as these Communist and Muslim sympathizers stay in charge! 

This needs to be shared with those that don't follow the immigration debate. It's part of our mission statement. "Educating the Public"


Send it on to others!!!!! Carry out the Mission Statement!!!!

When Miguel and his "boys" come to try and take our country, they will get a taste of my Cetme 308. Being that it is a Spanish Battle, I'm sure that little "B" and his boys will know what it is! If they line up just right, I could probably get 5 at a time!

Good luck LaRaza, you'll need every bit of it!

In the Spirit of Liberty,


Hey Silent! You are right on the money, as usual! You tell me when, and I will work out my schedule to participate. We have to send them a message that they will be opposed...by force if necessary!

Nobody messes with the integrity of Arizona.

This message is directly at Miguel and his other little "B"s. I eagerly wait for the time when you, and the other useful idiots of the communist party, here in AZ, cross the line of legality, and give me a legal reason to take you and your other criminal lawbreakers out, because  in your arrogance, I believe you will do something just that stupid! That is not an idle threat, but it ONLY applies under the circumstance when there is a legal reason! However, I believe that day is coming, and when it does, anyone attempting a take-over of the Constitutional government in this state will be dealt with!

I think that the next time the DHS tells our governor that he or she cannot go into a room in the capital building, or any other public place for that matter, I believe the citizens in this state should be notified, and then respond, and place those people under arrest!

Just know that the "unorganized citizens" of AZ are watching all you bozos, and if you EVER attempt to enforce your way in AZ in a violent fashion, WE WILL END IT! You can put THAT in your pipe and smoke it! And, just like New Mexico, I believe the citizens in AZ will stand against any more tyranny on the part of any person, group, agency, or part of a governmental department, whether federal or state!

You mess with our flag again at a protest, and we will take a dump on yours! Just like you did ours! That IS NOT "free speech." I do not care what a liberal pos judge says! We have laws on the books, both federal, and state, that say differently! No one legally gets to re-interpret the laws in order to foist their own twisted viewpoints on the people of this country! It has happened in the past, but that WILL be stopping soon! Don't try us, because we stand resolved!

I doubt that Miguel and his little gang of cowards will actually be willing to face off against "REAL" men, and actually hold a protest when productive citizens are not working. That way they would not be able to hide behind the skirts of the women who aren't working, and who protect their feminine little butts! No offense meant to the women of Arizona who actually believe in Constitutional Principles. Ones who don't, are not even worth messing with, anyway!

In the Spirit of AMERICAN Liberty,




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