Ongoing Battle Between Public Sector Unions and the Az Taxpayer


Thank you Phoenix Councilman Sal DiCiccio (District 6) for your continued fight in bringing to light the obvious collusion between Arizona Public Sector Unions and the Democratic Political machine in their never ending quest in helping the taxpayer to part with their hard earned monies! As a recovering Municipal Employee myself, I understand the mind-set of Union workers who act as hosts to their ever greedy Union bosses who suck the lifeblood out of their membership by way of Union dues. There is a pervading sense of entitlement in the Public Sector Union mentality. In justifying the lavish paychecks and benefit packages bestowed upon them, Public Employees many times cite that their jobs require great sacrifice above and beyond those occupations as found in the Private Sector ! However, they always fail to bring to light that they eagerly sought out those positions and that none of these jobs were forced upon them! I have no sympathy for the 35 year Police Commander who in justifying a $145,000 payout at retirement for unused sick leave cited the "many nights, weekends and Holidays" that he had worked during his career. Others have cited working in extremely frigid or exceedingly hot temperatures! Yeah's only municipal employees who work nights, weekends, holidays and in uncomfortable weather! Are you kidding me?!! It's about time that we stop pandering to this Union generated "hero" mentality and have our Politicians do their jobs by protecting their real employers..............the Arizona taxpayer!

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I agree and in a few weeks we will see which way the new mayor is going to be in this fight ..

While I don't have a dog in this fight, It still makes me mader than hell!

Yeah Lynne, Greg Stanton did say that he was going to "look into" the issue of overpaid Municipal Employees when he was running for Mayor. However his City Council record indicates that he developed a reputation as the "Councilman who never turned down a tax increase" whenever one was presented. These tax increases coincided with him agreeing to above average benefits packages awarded to Union Municipal Employees. There's a reason why every Public Sector Union banded together and voted lock-step in getting Stanton elected. If he doesn't continue his reputation of being a Union whore....I'll certainly be surprised! claim to "not have a dog in this fight". The reason why you distance yourself from this controversy is because Liberal Tempe doesn't have a champion in their City Council in fighting for the taxpayer like Phoenix has. DiCiccio consistently shines the light on the Democratic Party/Public Sector Union collusion in the ripping off of Phoenix taxpayers. I'll bet you a steak dinner that Tempe has been shafting their taxpayers for decades and using lots of Vaseline in their arrangement with the Unions! Because Tempe City Council Members are probably all Liberal Democrats, this kind of corruption is accepted and is institutional because of  this liberal domination! A hard core Conservative in the Tempe City Council is probably not electable in that city.........

@Vince.......funny how great minds think alike. I was thinking the same thing after I posted yesterday. I also was thinking, how many items can I continue to work on??????

I don't know if I would use the term "distance yourself" as that implies, at least in my mind, that one doesn't care which is far from the case. I think a call to my "conservative" PC's is in order to discuss this subject. Thanks for pushing my button Vince.LOL


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