Phoenix New Times Parent Linked to Promoting Child Prostitution

Well here it is folks! It's finally come down to this......Phoenix-based Village Voice Media (parent company of Phoenix New Times) has been accused of advertising in its smut section of this rag, services for child prostitution. Repeated attempts by various concerns to remove this type of advertising has been met with stiff resistence from the Village Voice. Evidently they do not want to eliminate a lucrative portion of their income because advertising child sex brings in the big bucks. Read this Huffington Post report for yourself:   

Protesters: Village Voice Helps Sell Kids For Sex

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AWW GEE LMAO something to drive home in their coffin make them back up and keep on backing up Maybe adertise this on FaceBook and twitter and what ever else it can be posted on !

I just sent it to radio stations and a few other places plus posted it on FACEBOOK

Libs fighting with libs.   Doesn't get much better than this.

Fox news also has reported on this but it is a whole lot sweeter coming from the Huffington Post! I can't believe that the Village Voice/News Times Attorney actually tried to defend their continued advertising of child prostitution by citing (in essence) "well, other people do it too!!! If this isn't the straw that breaks the camel's back, nothing short of a nuclear disaster will wake these Liberals to some sense of reality!

Yeah Cigar......Libs fighting Libs! This is what they learn from infiltrating Tea Party web sites............LMAO!

Lynne......Keep on spreading this story....every household in the country should be aware of the poison that these bunch of Commies are sowing!

I'm against book burning....but I'd love to watch a good bonfire, stoked with copies of the New Times! Remember, they are free! Take one....take two....Hell take the entire stack and recycle them. Demand that their distribution boxes be removed from in front of businesses. Go to the manager! Don't take no for an answer!

Maybe we could have a barbaque using them for fuel collect and soak in water and let dry it makes for good fires then . . Makes the pages sort of become one thick page !   . . Oh yeah Roll them up for better burning after soaking . . makes them more like wood . . 


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