If you have ever seen the cult classic, "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest", starring Jack Nicholson, you then have a fairly descriptive picture of what this "Occupy Phoenix" rally is all about. If not, let me give it to you in a "nutshell" (no pun intended): "Upon arrival at a mental institution, a brash rebel (Nicholson) rallies the patients (the Occupy Phoenix protesters) together to take on the oppressive Nurse Ratched (the evil Wall Street Bankers), a woman more a dictator than a nurse".

This is the impression we had as three of my Motorcycle Enthusiast friends and I (RidersUSA) went wadding into the mass of protesters at Caesar Chavez Plaza in downtown Phoenix on Saturday afternoon (10/15/11). As we wanted to get a feel of what this "movement" was all about, and didn't wish to draw any attention to ourselves, we shed our Biker vests and went in "incognito" as mere observers. What we saw left us scratching our heads, and the predominant thought running through our minds was......"WTF"?!! I hadn't seen anything like this since the Vietnam anti-war protests of the 60's and 70's.

As we approached the crowd, a small stage set up to accommodate those wishing to speak or entertain, we heard a rapper using four letter expletives in describing motherhood, women genitalia, the police, the military, religion, the Pope and whomever else displeased this angry lunatic! Young, unkempt people were moving in cadence to the rapper's "message".

As we moved along people dressed up in home-crafted cattle costumes held up signs proclaiming that "eating meat was tantamount to murder". Others were ranting about the evils of Capitalism and the virtues of Socialism. We noted people walking around in Che Guevara shirts (wanna be revolutionaries), Hammer and Sickle shirts (Communist logo) chanting that Revolution is the only antidote to Capitalism..........Various Union representatives were passing out literature promoting the virtues of joining Unions in order to keep the big bad corporations in check and to properly "represent the workers of America".

When a small contingent of Phoenix Police moved through the crowd, a menacing mob followed closely behind. Their message apparently was that if the Police dared to harass or even think about arresting anyone, this mob was "ready for them". The Police though alert, did not look very comfortable.

Admittedly, the only thing that we did not witness was people defecating and fornicating in the streets, as has been reported in other cities! I would suspect that those occurrences would have materialized in due time given the mentality of this bunch! After spending about an hour wandering about this outdoor asylum, we figured that we had seen enough to formulate our opinions about this "phenomenon that is sweeping the world". Conclusion: If Obama and Pelosi are really serious about their encouragement and support for these people and their movement.........we are in deeper trouble than what we realize!!

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Neo - Nazi J.T. Ready also showed up with a bunch of goons. http://downtowndevil.com/2011/10/15/15082/phoenix-occupy-protest/

Where is a nice cop with pepper spray when Ready starts spouting nonsense. The hanger-on can only get attention when he allies himself with some other group.  The loonies you describe appear sane when compared with this Section 8 bugger.  

And as operating on cue, the Arizona Republic did not dissapoint:

1) The story pic shows a End BUSH tax cut

2) Mentions a cause of the event as protesting Catholic priests

3) States that the Tea Party was in attendance.

It would have been a perfect place for the Republic to have put up a booth giving away free newspapers!


here is the pick with some of the disturbing posters:


You guys win the Breitbart award for infiltration.  But, really, if you wanted to really get into the scene, you should have not bathed for a month.  Then you would be authentic.


Hey! The latest updates on this "Movement" show people from the "Occupy" movement beginning to murder, rape, assault and steal from each other.........and these are people who supposedly are in agreement with one another! If this is what their "message" is all about, I'll have none of it.....thank you. This movement has moved from a "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" image to one representing the images in "Dante's Inferno" complete with the fire and brimstone! If they are trying to tell us that they plan on bringing us "Hell on Earth", they have relayed that message well!! 

Occupy Phoenix?  It reminds me more of our Federal Government, except some of the cuckoos at least had a set of cahonies.  Can't say the same for the guvmunt.


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