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Lack of Dedication & Listen to What Jim Deakin Has to Say

I went to 3 different functions this past week and must say that at one there were 30 new people but 30 from previous meeting didn't return, then 2nd meeting 30+ and that meant that over 40 signed members didn't come to hear the 3 state senate candidates speak & answer questions, 3rd meeting community of 5,000 homes 30+ not including candidates as in the 2nd meeting to busy with senior clubs,golf,gym etc. the lack of dedication & follow thru in the times we live in is in… Continue

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We The People

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Eric Odom on Tea Party Nation Organizers:

They Don’t Know What’s Going On & Haven’t From Day One (Video)

Here is the man behind the Tax Day Tea Party poll for McCain/Hayworth that leaves out DEAKIN where an affiliated (linked) group of Odom’s - Liberty First PAC issued an endorsement to support Hayworth based on that poll that certain Tea Party groups in Arizona are jazzed about.

I’m not the only one in this nation that is suspicious of Odom.

Listen to what Odom says at 50 seconds in and…


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GOP insiders taking over the Tea Party?

As posted on Tax Day Tea Party site by JPD.

Jill Henderson (Jill Arizona on the AZ Tea Party site) “if he needs signatures” is what was said.

Tax Day Tea Party ran a poll of candidates in Arizona running for senate, where as you (Jill) acknowledge DEAKIN has had his signatures (for some time now) where Eric Odom excluded DEAKIN. Please tell us Jill who is not informed or was this exclusion of DEAKIN in the Tax Day Tea Parties poll and the premature endorsement of…


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Are you a Democrat? If so please read.

I've been a member of the democratic party since right out of high school. My grandparents were democrats, most of my family are, I just joined in. I have spent most of that time wondering why we don't get good choices in this party. It's not just me my family felt the same way. I though about leaving the party and for some reason felt as thou I belonged there thou I didn't know why. My values and the values of the candidates are often way off. My family agreed with me but said… Continue

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Define "Irony": The Tea Party Movement Crosses the Atlantic

(Thanks to TammyBruce.com)

"Not going anywhere", Gov. Schwarzenegger? Try international:

British Tea Party Movement to Launch on Saturday

The inaugural British Tea Party will take place on Saturday in my home town of Brighton, and I’ll be speaking. Do try to come: here are the details.

Labour has raised more than a trillion pounds in…


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The Census Is Getting Personal

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Know your rights regarding the Census

Do you know what the Constitution says about what you are required to answer on the Census? Watch this short video


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Mark Levin Endorses Hayworth.

Mark Levin endorses Hayworth, that's good enough for me. Jim Deakin is a spoiler - he should do the honorable thing just like Simcox did and endorse JD. Might be a good guy, but I would hate to see him (Deakin) get McCain re-elected.

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Obama Logo? Islam Logo? No, Its the DOD's New Space Logo

Go to drudge report for the link and pics on their front page


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ParentalRights.org: Arizona District 5 Meeting March 1st in Scottsdale

For those among us who are particularly interested in Parental Rights, please read on. Terry

Hello. My name is Valeri Marsh, and I'm the new District Coordinator for ParentalRights.org in District 5. I'm writing to invite you to a critical planning meeting that will be held in our home in Scottsdale on Monday, March 1st at 7:00 pm. The goal of the meeting is to strategize a campaign to collect petition signatures from persons who support the…


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why does everyone blame the president when the senate and the congress are the ones responsible for everything that comes through the government. We need to get the senaters and congressmen and women out of office shorten their term in office 2 years first term and then if all was good second term if not they go but on the 4th year they have to go from office no mater what.

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Problems with Ron Paul

Let's get right down to it. The growing popularity of Ron Paul scares me. It's not just because his followers tend to be as caught up in messianic fervor as Obama's--there are other reasons.

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for most of his domestic policy positions. Ending the Federal Reserve sounds good, but do you have something better in mind? If so, I'd love to hear it.

It's his naive foreign policy that really bothers me.

And here's why:

While telling the rest of the world to go… Continue

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Glenn Beck at CPAC

Beck gives the keynote

Love the light he sheds on the intent of the Statue of Liberty inscription and the contrast the French were making between it and the Colossus of Rhoades.


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Support the 3 US Navy SEALs who Captured the Terrorist, Ahmed Hashim Abed

In early October, U.S. Navy SEALs secretly captured one of the most wanted terrorists in Iraq, Ahmed Hashim Abed, the alleged mastermind of the murder and mutilation of four Blackwater USA security guards in Fallujah in 2004. Now, three of the SEALs who captured him are facing criminal charges because Abed claims he was hit in the stomach by one of the SEALs.

We are coordinating a fundraiser event here in Scottsdale for their defense fund. In order to move forward with…

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Marco Rubio CPAC Speech

Rubio makes some good points:


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house oversight committee releases report on acorn and seiu

this report is a great read and officially documents what the American public has suspected about acorn and seiu for a long time.......make sure your reps in washington and locally know about this report! demand they follow up with action to defund acorn and to pursue legal follow up as indicated. i especially love how they specifically include a connection between acorn and the white house admin.…


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Maxine Waters Video Fox News- Slip of the tongue-Their Socialist Agenda-Saying to Shell Oil "We will take over your Co"


Take a look at this short clip. Our fight is just beginning, but we will win. I (We) can do all things threw Christ who strengthens… Continue

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Wittman Tea Party Meeting

I attended the Wittman meeting lastnite and found it to be a very enjoyable and informative meeting as there were 3 candidates who are running for office two incumbents and 1 outsider Tony Bouie and everyone enjoyed the whole event as it was more like a family reunion and even after the candidates left the discussion continued which was really nice to see the differing points of view people had on the info we all got from them but the real nice part was getting answers from 3 different people… Continue

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