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Great Central Phoenix tea party meeting

I attended the central phoenix tea party meeting monday night to listen to Patrick Henry give his speech known as "Give me Liberty or Give me Death" How can a speech 238 years ago be as relevant today as it was then? I beleive because of one common thread- individual freedom. (Patrick Henry's quotes are bold italics) We seem to have at our freedom door a government that is intent on ignoring us, taxing us without representation, passing laws that endanger our Republic, presume… Continue

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No Struggle Apparent, Before Douglass Rancher Shot and Killed, Sheriff Says

Mamta Popat/Arizona Daily Star Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever talks about the shooting death of Robert Krentz, longtime rancher who was killed on his Douglas area property over the weekend during a press conference in Bisbee.…


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I don't have a problem with immigration, I have a problem with illegal immigration. Most country's on this planet have some form of immigration, and in country's such as our's, it not only helps the immigrant, it also helps the country by bringing workers that are needed. The problem, is that the number of immigrants has to be controlled, that is just a fact, I don't expect France or Spain to allow me to come to their country as an electrician, and take a job that a member of their country… Continue

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cave creek event

what a great event this was. the turn out was fantastic.

it was heartening to see so many patriots there. i hope this is a sign

of times to come, with an ever increasing turn out at future events.

on a personal note, i lost a sweat shirt at the event and hope someone

found it. it is a grey hooded sweat shirt with a zipper up the front.

there is a tea party logo on the upper chest and clemintine hand

lettered down the sleeve.

let's keep…

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Obama and reverse-racism.

These are the types of stealth-bombshells that are great to look out for. Tuck it away in the Tea-Party arsenal.
It would seem that sometimes the biggest proponents of keeping racism alive and well aren't always found wearing white sheets or waving Nazi flags...

These DC guys make me want to vomit.

Original article:…

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(Washington, D.C. March 26, 2010) In their latest effort to set the stage for a massive illegal alien amnesty, the Obama administration claims that it has made "significant progress in securing the U.S.-Mexico border." This declaration of significant progress by the Department of Homeland Security marks the one year anniversary of the administration's Border Security Initiative, a program that they have targeted for a nearly 30 percent funding cut in the proposed FY…


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Lou Pritchett is one of corporate America 's true living legends- an

acclaimed author, dynamic teacher and one of the world's highest

rated speakers. Successful corporate executives everywhere recognize

him as the foremost leader in change management... Lou changed the way

America does business by creating an…

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FAIR LEGISLATIVE UPDATE MARCH 29, 2010 Senate. blocks Senator Sessions Final Attempt to Fix Immigration Loopholes in Health Care Bill

In the final round of the year-long health care debate, the Senate took up the House’s reconciliation bill last Sunday. H.R. 4782, the “Health Care and Education Affordability and Reconciliation Act,” amends the original Senate bill with “fixes” the House has negotiated with the Senate over the past several weeks. The Senate passed the bill by a 56-43 vote, and…


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Joe The Plumber at TEA Party

What a great event Sundays Phoenix TEA Party was. Thank you TEA Party Express and Greater Phoenix TEA Party. We had great speakers. However I was somewhat shocked at some of Joe The Plumbers comments, not that they were that wrong, but that he gave the liberals a chance to call us violent and trouble makers. The AZ Republic did not waste any time noting this in Monday's paper and even posted a transcript of his speech. Of course they could not publish all the talk on God, Family and Country.… Continue

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This article was forwarded to me this afternoon after a discussion last evening.

I had actually laughed at the person who told me as I could not even believe this could be true. It just had to be a false rumor being spread about our "leaders" down at the capitol...

Here's a link, you can judge for yourself

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Phoenix Tea Party Event

Hi To All Of You; I wanted to say that I for one had a good time yesterday and for all of those who didn't make it you missed having both a good time and meeting some really nice people, I want to say thank you personally to all of those who came by the booth and got on the email list and also donated to the cause and it was alot of fun meeting the people who listen to our program as we don't often get to do this so looking forward to the next time we can all get together hope… Continue

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High view photos of the TPX rally

Here's the 'truck top' view of the rally, about a half-hour before the busses arrived:

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McCain connection to George Soros - MONEY

I just found this information today and I am steaming. I don't want McCain to just lose the election; I don't want him to even get enough signatures to be on the Primary Ballot. This man is so corrupted he couldn't tell right from wrong if his life depended on it. He is disgusting.

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Beware Tea Party.

I just read this article from Whiskey And Gunpowder (which I subscribe to).

This could be (and probably is), just another baseless media slandering with aims of discrediting the entire movement.
Regardless of where the truth is in this allegation, I think it brings up a…

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Papers Please- Today's Urgent Action Is Wrong

The Safe Neighborhoods bill you want to encourage will be another giant step towards a police state. You have been fooled into thinking this has no repercussions onto your Individual Rights.

HB2632 and SB1070 will not only give law enforcement a low threshold to stop you, ( See Terry Stops, Terry vs Ohio) detain you and indemnify them, but it requires they exchange your info with DHS (Department of Homeland Security) which is a backdoor to REAL ID which Arizona nullified in… Continue

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You are a coward! You hid and would not meet with your constituents BEFORE you signed a disaster that does not even go into effect until after this Marxist leaves office. It will also attempt to go i…

You are a coward! You hid and would not meet with your constituents BEFORE you signed a disaster that does not even go into effect until after this Marxist leaves office. It will also attempt to go into effect after we throw you out of office.

Of course we cannot continue…


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reconciliation bill

the reconciliation bill will be going back to the house for another vote. the senate parliamentarian concurred with two gop points of order and the provisions do not comply with the byrd rule. the provisions are minor and striping out the language is not expected to cause problems.

link to article:…


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time to defund the epa....

the epa has got to go....they are drunk with power and are only adding to the craziness in our nation......

Planning to remodel? Unless your home is fairly new, only renovators certified

to handle lead will soon be legally allowed to do the work. The

problem: Many are not yet ready.

On April 22, the Environmental Protection Agency is slated to enact rules requiring EPA certification

for contractors working 0n homes built before lead paint was banned… Continue

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