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HCR and the IRS

Assuming HCR becomes law, the Congressional Budget Office expects the IRS will need roughly $10 billion over the next 10 years and nearly 17,000 new employees to meet its new responsibilities under health reform. Is This True???

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Arizona Candidate for Supt. of Education

If you know anyone who's got kids in school you need to hear what Sen. Huppenthal has to say about what needs to be done in the state to fix and improve the education in our state and stop all the liberal non sense that goes on in our schools, remember their future & ours depends on what they learn in school to prepare the kids for a real life and not a give me one, so tune in to and either listen or watch the streaming video on crossroads with van and… Continue

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Do you feel like your…


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They let us know

It is time for us to start taking down all legislation that is bad. Even if it means that the twenty-year-old to century old thing you have in your state goes away. You have fair warning to change it and to get your ducks in a row to help yourselves. This take down will not be easy but is very necessary. The corrupt laws go deep into legislation that stretches many decades and we need to vote it out. Lets take the legs this crooked table stands on…


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Healthcare Bill Already Effecting Our Future Drs.

I was given some info today for my radio program and thought I'd share it with all of you as I know it hasn't been reported on the regular news programs, I have it from a very good source that the so called health care bill in congress is already effecting our future Drs. a gentlemen told me today that the students at harvard & other universities who applied for residencies at the medical facilities there of which there were 7 openings at harvard I believe as some were… Continue

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Oreily Interview with Former Az. Gov. is a Joke Fox News

I don't know if any of you saw it yesterday on fox but the interview was a definite softball game as he asked soft questions none about how she left this state a financial mess or the trouble the fed is giving our sheriff on his job. She said the illigal immigration is better I suppose it is in dc but not here and the shootings of our citizens in mexico hardly a subject. This interview was I suppose foxs' way of making sure they come on again as they want to be able to interview… Continue

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Ariz. House set to act on immigration enforcement bill

PHOENIX - The Arizona House is scheduled to vote Wednesday afternoon on a bill that would criminalize the presence of illegal border-crossers in the state and ban soft immigration policies in

police agencies.

The proposal would make Arizona the only state to criminalize the presence of the…


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Glenn Beck & His Statement about Faith

I watched the beck show yesterday and am not happy with what he said about we need to leave our theology that is by definition the science or teaching of who God is so we might better be able to fight the progressives, although his program supplies many of us with important information historically and current as well, when it comes to The Faith of believers that's something he really is no expert on even though he has had his own experiences and from what I understand he belongs… Continue

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don't throw out those az republic subscription invites

make it cost them $$$$.....send it back with a message, as those prepaid envelopes do not cost them $$$$ until they are used.
i wrote in red across mine:

the same goes for any other unsolicited "invites" for credit cards, etc.....

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Great Billboard In MN-Ronald Regan


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Issue with today's poll on Minimum Wage...

Where is the option stating: "It is not appropriate for the government to control wages - the free market should do this..." Sorry to be a rabble-rouser - but then again - I guess that is why I am here...

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I think I joinded the wrong group I am going to go to the COFFIEE PARTY they seem to understand what the country needs. come join me in a outstanding debate.

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Rove on the TPM's role

Karl Rove commenting his opinion on the Tea Party Movement's role in the current political season:

"It should continue to do what it does, which is to keep the feet of politicians of both parties to the fire about questions of deficit and debt and spending, and let their members make their own determination as to where they want to take their political energy."

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The Sonoran Weekly Review Updates (You Move Fast Arizona!)

Representative Bill Konopnicki LD 5 Legislative Update

Representative Bill Konopnicki LD 5 Legislative Update

Budget Update On Friday March 5, 2010, Governor Brewer called the legislature into seventh special session, to begin on Monday…


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Frustrated, and feel the need to rant!

I am tired and disgusted with all members of the Congress of the United States as well as all members of the House of Representatives. In 2008 an historic election occured giving the American people Barack Obama as our president. BTW, I did not vote for Obama. That election also was important to me as it got me "off the couch" and involved in politics as I had never been involved before. Currently health care is the big topic across the land and in Washington D.C. but instead of a…


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Running 4 U.S.Congress Dist.4 Janet Contreras

Hi to all if you get a chance to watch on streaming video she's on the crossroads with van show this was one of the best interviews I've done and as we both agreed when we finished it went to fast, I believe you'll find this very informative and more than worth your time as we really covered issues I know all of us care about and it's nice to hear the views of someone running who sounds like we do so tune in… Continue

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What is next?

President Obama was in St Louis this week at a High School pitching Healthcare. We have been teaching kind and gentle ways to our children and he seems to appeal to them as "looking out for the folks" He wants to give everyone healthcare and this sounds good to the young. He was touting that his bill let thm stay on thier parents plan until they are twenty six. He didn't say all the people in the plan will share the cost. He also did not tell them that the cost may be higher than if they had…


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