June 2014 Blog Posts (4)

Hillary Clinton's Benghazi Revelations Mean Obama Must Be Impeached Immediately!

June 24, 2014 (LPAC)--Lyndon LaRouche today demanded that the U.S. House of Representatives launch immediate impeachment proceedings against President Barack Obama, based on Hillary Clinton's first-hand account of the President's lying cover-up of the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya on Sept. 11, 2012, in which U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other American officials were murdered in cold blood by the Al…


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GOP Establishment Foils Republican Voters

Think former RNC chairman, Haley Barbour is a "Republican"?  Think again.  Using tactics that any good Democrat would use, Barbour got out the Democrat vote to defeat Republicans.  Defeat "Republicans"?  Certainly.  Mississippi is a very red state.  Chad Cochran, the incumbent RINO senator from that state, was losing, so for the primary runoff election against conservative Chris McDaniels held yesterday, Barbour drummed in hordes of Democrat voters to swing the election in…


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Prime example why we Republicans lose elections

Andrew Walter, of Congressional District 9, is running against Ret. Lt. Col Wendy Rogers a truly patriotic and upstanding candidate. She is being bad-mouthed by Walter who is devoid of ideas and has to stoop to sending out untrue messages about Wendy. Does Walter actually think that the voters will believe such bilge? Would any sane candidate say that they want to eliminate Social Security? Please give me a break and shame on Andrew…


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Action Alert

We are asking all our members to call the Arizona delegation in Congress and ask them if they have, or if they will be sending out a Press Release, condemning what ICE is doing to the STREETS of Arizona. Read the whole story here, Seriously, the illegals have promised to show back up in court.....................................…


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